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RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 10-31-2012


RE: Music Videos - Tusk - 10-31-2012

Listening to a little Blue Oyster Cult. Very underated for their musicality and very appropriate for HaleyWeen

Anyone for some more cowbell?

A Favorite from my favorite of their albums
"Black Blade" from the album "Cultosaurus Erectus"
(A song based on the Elric series by Michael Moorcock who helped in writing the song, about a tortured Dark Prince and his Soul Sucking Chaos Sword, StormBringer)

RE: Music Videos - Babbs234 - 10-31-2012

This is in honor of Halloween and for Midnightblues Smile

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 10-31-2012

AWWW thats sweet of ya thanx((((((( babb)))))))

RE: Music Videos - Babbs234 - 10-31-2012

(10-31-2012, 07:16 PM)midnightblues Wrote: AWWW thats sweet of ya thanx((((((( babb)))))))
Your welcome [Image: haloweenpumpkin.gif]

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 10-31-2012

DR,Demento I think he had a radio show back in the 70s/80 ON Sunday nights. It was a rock station.

RE: Music Videos - john - 11-01-2012

Tusk, thanks for posting the BOC songs. I hadn't heard "I love the Night" in a long time but always liked the song. It would fit with contemporary vampire shows and movies.
Here is a rocker that comes from Stephen King's iTunes playlist. Sad

Quote:"Wanna Rock 'n' Roll" by Cross Canadian Ragweed: "The first time you hear this you think, 'Wow, what a great rock 'n' roll song.' The second time, you hear the words, and it scares you to death." - SK

RE: Music Videos - Tusk - 11-01-2012

YW John... Dorky looking group but they made some incredible music, I don't know if they will ever get their due for the truly unique and talented band that they are. I always make time for a little BOC

RE: Music Videos - Tusk - 11-17-2012

A quirky, singer/songwriter, Elvis Costello:
Underappreciated and Ultimately, Very Unique


Watching the Detectives

Every day I write a Book


Covering the Beatles' "Penny Lane" (prologue about what the song literally meant to him)

Amazing if you sit back and think about just how many people the Beatles' influenced, who have contributed to the world of music....what if they never existed? We would have such a big vacuum of inspiration and wonderful music Angel

RE: Music Videos - john - 12-04-2012

A recommendation from Casey.

They get around.

Here's one that Miguel forwarded to Haley.