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RE: Music Videos - Tusk - 04-02-2013

A little Olivia Newton John 'Indulgence' and Guilty Pleasure
Before there was Haley, before Agnetha Faltskog from ABBA, there was Olivia Newton John Blush

RE: Music Videos - Tusk - 04-24-2013

Live Fleetwood Mac featuring Stevie circa 1976

Stevie Nicks Duets

Whenever I Call You Friend/Kenny Loggins

Stop Draggin' My Heart Around/Tom Petty

^^^ Big Grin Next Caley duet? Big Grin ^^^

Leather & Lace/Don Henley

Demo Version (live)

Studio Version

RE: Music Videos - john - 06-07-2013

Heart - Battle of Evermore, Led Zeppelin cover (ViƱa del Mar, Chile1994)

Kennedy Center Honors 2012 - Led Zeppelin

Ramble On - Foo Fighters, with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones

RE: Music Videos - john - 06-07-2013

Daryl Hall & Travis McCoy - Be Thankful For What You Got

RE: Music Videos - john - 06-09-2013

Paul Gilbert and John Paul Jones acoustic
Going To California

RE: Music Videos - john - 06-22-2013

I few more reposts.

RE: Music Videos - john - 06-29-2013

Subject of the movie "A Band Called Death."


RE: Music Videos - mercfan3 - 07-10-2013

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Same Love"

Beautiful Music Video

RE: Music Videos - john - 07-17-2013



RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 07-17-2013

windows 8 really sucks cant post vids to u- tubeHuh