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RE: Music Videos - john - 07-18-2013

RE: Music Videos - My Alter Ego - 07-18-2013

Man, it takes "chutzpah" to tackle a song like "I Can't Go for That" with one half of the duo that made that song a mega hit!

Thanks for continuing to post vids from Daryl's House, John. They've given me a new appreciation of him as a musician. They also make me want to be there, and, I don't know -- play cowbell or something. They always look like they're having such a great time!

RE: Music Videos - john - 07-18-2013

^ Those damn videos have kept me up past my bedtime more than once Wink

I got the impression a long time ago that the 80/20 rule applied to Hall and Oates. Hall being the essential element of the duo.

Hall and Oates are touring this summer.
Quote:TUESDAY 13 AUGUST 2013
Hall & Oates
Marymoor Park Concerts
Redmond, WA, US

Daryl rented a place around LA to play with Robby Krieger & Ray Manzarek (they had never met).

It's nice that Daryl has been able to get some of the legendary guys that have faded away to sing or play. A quality experience for all involved.

RE: Music Videos - john - 07-20-2013

RE: Music Videos - buzzenator - 07-20-2013

^ Mrs Buzz and I have been into Daryl's House this year. There is a Haley tie-in...Daryl obviously has that organic, bluesy, real music component. He invites guests that can actually sing live...and usually not from the main stream (Pop). Which is interesting since Hall & Oates were Pop Stars in their prime. He had Allen Stone as a guest, who Haley opened for. This is why we think Haley would be an absolute great guest for Daryl's House...organic, bluesy, can sing live and easy on the eyes! Cool

Here is one of our favorites with a slightly different take of Sara Smiles...what a pure voice from Rumer:

Oh...and that Mayer Hawthorne "I Can't Go For That" performance is right there at the top too. Any version of ICGFT is terrific.

RE: Music Videos - Babbs234 - 07-20-2013

^^great song Buzz! I had never heard of "Live from Daryl's House " before they were posted on this thread, but every video is top notch! Haley would be a great choice on this show.Smile

RE: Music Videos - john - 07-20-2013

Maxi Priest, Billy Ocean and John Oates joined Daryl for episode 29. Outdoor concert variation on the show.

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-01-2013

Still mining Daryl's House.

Another take on Sara Smile

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-01-2013

Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye had such great chemistry. She was a natural and her story so sad.

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-11-2013