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RE: Music Videos - john - 09-02-2013

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-05-2013

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-07-2013

Song starts at .59

RE: Music Videos - buzzenator - 09-17-2013

RE: Music Videos - buzzenator - 09-20-2013

Haley traded Casey for Michaels...and a player to be named later [Image: sign0175.gif]

Got this from Tosarge...these two are really good...now I have another Haley [Image: sign0149.gif]

RE: Music Videos - buzzenator - 09-21-2013

Continuing the All-things-Haley related...

These two have such good chemistry together they were married this past January. Here is their original song and official music video. They are based in Nashville, which implies country music. I find this vein of music much like Lady Antebellum's style, which I enjoy. I am not a country music fan, but this variation if it is still labeled country is very nice. Enjoy Haley & Michaels...Cool

RE: Music Videos - Himm2 - 09-21-2013

^^ reminds me of an older-looking Ace Young and a younger-looking Trisha Yearwood.

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-24-2013

Billboard's #4 song for 1958.


RE: Music Videos - Himm2 - 09-27-2013

Kinda like the Chipmunks singing witch doctor Ooo-Eeee-Ooo-Ahh-Ahh:

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-30-2013

Not meaning to stay in the 50s but the dancing is impressive.