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RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 01-24-2014

For just 3 dudes, these guys put down some heavy tracks

RE: Music Videos - Tusk - 01-24-2014

(01-24-2014, 01:52 AM)john Wrote:

I remember liking some of John Waite's stuff, here one of his 'classics' in his andrygeny/ Bowie phase

Another artist I liked that was popular during the same period, also following the androgynous style Bowie started.

Ex Fleetwood Mac member at that time as well, Bob Welch

and of course, the original Androgynous one from out of space

RE: Music Videos - john - 01-25-2014

Interesting piece on Lou Reed - androgyny, Transformer, WOTWS, etc

RE: Music Videos - john - 01-26-2014

FM with the USC marching band. TUSK!

When I look at this version of Rhiannon I think back to Haley's AI performance, which she kept small. In the last 90 seconds of this video Stevie really cuts loose. Perhaps how Haley would have finished it if she performed it at BG Days.

A comment
Quote:Duff Hendrickson1 month ago

Filmed at S.I.R. on Sunset ( Studio Instrument Rentals ) at the old Columbia Pictures Studio lot. Sunset & Gower in Hollywood. There were several takes of this song. The studio lighting was poor. I was there.

This was filmed around the time FM was on The Midnight Special in June of 1976.

RE: Music Videos - mercfan3 - 01-26-2014

I'm going to see her soon. I'm normally into vocalists (and she's a great one, but just not in this song.) This is just so powerful.

RE: Music Videos - john - 01-31-2014


[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSdiiZXrouHZWdaQV7pLAG...srasXmOnhQ]

La Grange

Somebody Like You with Joe Walsh

RE: Music Videos - john - 01-31-2014

Funk #49

Cee Lo Green -- FK You (explicit lyrics) Angel

RE: Music Videos - Babbs234 - 01-31-2014

^^^ I love all the videos from LFDH! All such quality productions and you get to see all the greatest musicians up close and personal! Thanks for posting these. Smile

"Can We Still Be Friends" - Todd Rundgren, Daryl Hall

I Can't Go For That"- Daryl Hall, Chromeo

RE: Music Videos - john - 02-01-2014

LFDH Bacon Brothers -- Above the Clouds

RE: Music Videos - lauraliz - 02-04-2014

Nice vids! I'm going to see Todd R next month Smile