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RE: Music Videos - john - 04-04-2014

Early Zep on TV

Smoke on the Water w/ London Symphony Orchestra [Image: smiley237%5B1%5D.gif]

Can't Find My Way Home

Layla - acoustic

Sultans of Swing [Image: smiley237%5B1%5D.gif]

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 04-09-2014

Great 80s song.

RE: Music Videos - john - 04-09-2014

^^Tears for Fears, and that song in particular always reminds me of mTV back in the day. Along with Dire Straits, Money for Nothin' (of course) and the Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams. It's 80s week.

And these

Check out this AC/DC crowd

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 04-10-2014

80s it is, so let's not forget Jenny

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 04-10-2014

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 04-10-2014

I don't care to much for horns in a band, but in this case it blends well with this songTongue

RE: Music Videos - john - 04-12-2014

French singer Alizée Jacotey

Videos from early 2000s.

Moi Lolita (released when she was 16)

Rough translation of lyrics (by a human}
Quote:Me, my name is Lolita
Lo or Lola
It’s all the same
Me, my name is Lolita
When I consider my mistakes
It’s Lola who has to bleed
When I have a slip of the tongue
I laugh a laugh as crazy
As the phenomenon
My name is Lolita
Lo for spirit, Lo for diluvial love

It’s not my fault
And when I’m ready to give up
I see the others
All ready to throw themselves at me
It’s not my own fault
If I hear everything around me
Hello, helli, t’es A (L.O.L.I.T.A)
Me… Lolita

Me, my name is Lolita
A schoolgirl underneath
Tight blue jeans
Quick-tempered, and not
Half cotton, half wool
Silent and a mouth that doesn’t tell
Mom that I am a phenomenon
My name is Lolita
Lo for spirit, Lo for diluvial love


La Isla Bonita

J'en Ai Marre

Winning formula. Sexuality aside, Alizee certainly commands the stage. Her dance background is evident.

Alizee won a TV talent show as a teen for her singing, although her primary background was in dance, which she had pursued throughout her childhood. After that she hooked up with Mylene Farmer, a French pop star, who had written material that she was wanting a teenage girl to sing (like Lolita). Apparently it was good match successwise since Alizee shot to the top of the pops. The first video I found of Mylene, L'amour n'est rien (Love is nothing), turned out to be age restricted and basically consists of the singer sensuously taking off her clothes. Here is another:

Mylene Farmer - California

RE: Music Videos - john - 04-12-2014

RE: Music Videos - john - 04-14-2014

St. Paul and the Broken Bones - Call Me

The Steeldrivers "If it Hadn't Been for Love"

Della Mae - Blackbird

RE: Music Videos - john - 05-02-2014

Santana, Michelle Branch

Faith Hill and Santana - Breathe

Santana - Soul Sacrifice 1969

Coors - Little Wing

As the "official" video of Gangnan Style closes in on 2 billion views various parodies, copies, dance videos, etc have another 2 billion. This dance group managed to snag 130 million of those, so far.

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