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RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 08-09-2014

Love George Benson .He plays what he scats. he taught me a lot how to scat and than play the notes along with the melody. The king of the Ibanez hollow body jazz guitar.

Better vid it's liveBig Grin Love it scat and play what he scats. real smooth jazz

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 08-10-2014

this guy is sick goodBig Grin Mariusz Goli from Poland. A real classical guitarist. If you notice he never bends the strings . He is in the ( no rock zone) Street busking is his gig. But he has a booking for concerts. I want to go. There is a lot of Spanish influence in his style. Great single cutaway guitar, makes it easer to play all the way up the neck. he has a face book page if your all interested

RE: Music Videos - yanni5 - 08-11-2014

That dude can play, how'd you happen to find out about him midnight? He definitely does have a Spanish influence in the way he plays. I'm guessing he breaks quite a few strings during his jam sessions.

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 08-11-2014

Yanni , a friend sent me his face book vid, than looked him up on U/T Id love to here him on a electric guitar with some compression sustain , and digital delay with distortion on a tube amp LOL

RE: Music Videos - yanni5 - 08-11-2014

(08-11-2014, 01:12 AM)midnightblues Wrote: Yanni , a friend sent me his face book vid, than looked him up on U/T Id love to here him on a electric guitar with some compression , and digital delay with distortion on a tube amp LOL

He has many views on youtube, the first vid you posted has over 7 mil, and many others in the hundreds of thousands. Surprised to see him busking, I'm guessing he does it because he loves sharing his music with the public.

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-18-2014

Some K-Pop

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-23-2014

Etta James, Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody Business with BB King

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-02-2014

Surfing around YT I will sometimes listen to young "bedroom" singers, especially if they have a lot of views. I thought this one was pretty good. She has a good voice under less than ideal conditions.

Vienna Dohler

This rendition of IDAD features her younger sister

It turns out that they are grandchildren of -- Donna Summer. This article turned up in a search I did and has a couple things of interest to me. One (the second part of the article) is about her granddaughter Vienna, while the other is that Donna was a very active and successful songwriter, covering a range of styles.

Quote:A Summer night show at the Anderson Center
By Eric Coker
AUGUST 24, 2010

Donna Summer has certainly earned her “Queen of Disco” nickname: four No. 1 pop hits; 10 other Top 10 pop songs; 15 No. 1 dance hits; five Grammy Awards; and more than 130 million in worldwide sales over a 35-year career.
But she has also gained royalty status in an area that may surprise casual fans: songwriting.
“Perhaps because my voice is so strong, people think of me as a singer,” said Summer, who will perform at the Anderson Center at 8 p.m. Aug. 31. “The (songwriting) almost becomes irrelevant to them. It doesn’t for me.”
Summer has written or co-written more than two dozen of her hit singles, along with scores of other tunes on her albums. Those songs, which include She Works Hard for the Money, Bad Girls, On the Radio, Love to Love You Baby, Dim All the Lights, Heaven Knows and This Time I Know It’s For Real, have enabled Summer to prosper as a pop-music icon years after former contemporaries have faded away.
Summer even has a No. 1 country single on her songwriting résumé. In 1980, Dolly Parton took Starting Over Again a song written by Summer and husband Bruce Sudano about an older couple going through a divorce, to the top of the country charts and the pop 40. Starting Over Again became a hit again in 1996 when country star Reba McEntire covered it.
“My songwriting does at times get overlooked or overshadowed,” Summer said, adding that she is not thought of a “singer-songwriter.”
“I’d like to change that in the future. It’s really important for people to understand that the songs are coming out of me.”
For Summer, the songwriting process begins with a color, feeling or words that draw inspiration. She then prefers to take that inspiration “totally away from everything” in a studio with microphone and headset.
“Sometimes you write and it’s just like writer’s block,” she said. “Other times … it’s falling through you. You can’t get it done fast enough and you don’t want interruptions. You know it’s pure. I try to get to that pure place – whatever the music is and whatever I’m feeling are in alignment and I can get it out before it gets polluted.”
Summer pointed to two songs that she is especially proud of – and neither is a hit record. The first is an unreleased song written with producer Michael Omartian called No Ordinary Love Song. The second, on Summer’s 1979 double album Bad Girls, is called There Will Always Be a You, a love song to Sudano. It is one of several ballads on the album that showed Summer’s skills extended beyond dance numbers.....

“My whole family is musical,” Summer said.
Bruce Sudano, Summer’s husband, is a singer-songwriter who has been a member of the groups Alive and Kicking (best known for the 1970 hit Tighter and Tighter) and Brooklyn Dreams (which collaborated with Summer on her 1978 hit Heaven Knows.) Daughter Mimi plays the guitar and piano; daughter Brooklyn (an actress who starred in the ABC comedy My Wife and Kids) plays guitar and sings; and youngest daughter Amanda and husband Abner Ramirez make up the pop-soul duo Johnnyswim.
But one member of the family is especially standing out these days, Summer said.
“My granddaughter is writing like an accomplished 40-year-old,” Summer said of 12-year-old Vienna Dohler. “We all sit around saying ‘What can I steal from her? I like that lick.’”
Vienna sings, plays piano and is writing entire songs, Summer said.
“She is gifted,” Summer said. “She has a great voice – a little Joni Mitchell-ish.”
Summer admitted that her own powerful voice often takes a back seat when the music takes over.
“We listen to the younger kids,” she said. “I hardly ever sing when they’re around. They’ll get up and run out of the room and say ‘Oh, mom!’ because my voice is so noisy.
“I’m like, ‘Hello! I paid your tuition to school with this!” Summer said with a laugh.

Recent upload by Vienna

Another with her boyfriend Asa

Quote:LaDonna Adrian Gaines (December 31, 1948 -- May 17, 2012), known by the stage name Donna Summer,...

Summer later attended Boston's Jeremiah E. Burke High School, where she performed in school musicals and was considered popular. She was also something of a troublemaker, skipping home to attend parties, circumventing her parents' strict curfew. In 1967, just weeks before graduation, Summer left for New York where she was a member of the blues-rock band, Crow. After they were passed by every record label, they agreed to break up. Summer stayed in New York and auditioned for a role in the counterculture musical, Hair. When Melba Moore was cast in the part, Summer agreed to take the role in the Munich production of the show. She moved to Munich, Germany after getting her parents' reluctant approval.

Summer eventually became fluent in German, singing various songs in German. She participated in the musicals Ich Bin Ich (the German version of The Me Nobody Knows), Godspell and Show Boat. Within three years, she moved to Vienna, Austria and joined the Vienna Volksoper. She briefly toured with an ensemble vocal group called FamilyTree, the creation of producer Guenter "Yogi" Lauke. In 1971, Summer released her first single, a cover of The Jaynetts' "Sally Go 'Round the Roses", from a one-off European deal with Decca Records from wiki.

Grandma knocks out Last Dance in 1999. After watching a few of these live shows it is a kick to watch the audience come alive with this song.

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-04-2014

Beth Haart and Jeff Beck "I'd Rather Go Blind"

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-16-2014