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RE: Music Videos - john - 03-20-2015

Hula hoop Wink

RE: Music Videos - john - 03-28-2015

The Tubes

RE: Music Videos - john - 04-29-2015

Carly Simon - People In The News CNN 2004

Carly will turn 70 in June. Undecided

Old interview with Carly Simon

How Lyrics Work - by Carly Simon

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 05-01-2015

Man o man I love how Joe mixes it up on this ZZ top classic IMO it's better than the original . the man is a gifted singer and guitarist .He has jammed with the best. The drummer is a mad man lol .And I love they incorporate the Hammond B3 organ it all fit's together. Amen

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 05-02-2015

Now that's the blues done the right way

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 05-14-2015

I know this isn't a music vid But ???? This song brings back memories of when DOo wop Music ruled.(Age has no boundaries) The Flamingos really didn't have a lot of hits, but this one is smooth slow and has a mysterious haunting vibe to it. It reminds me of cruising in a 59 Caddy on a warm summer night with AM radio on with the Wolf Man Jack. I'd love to here Hales do this tune.

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 05-16-2015

Two of the best Garry Moore and BB Kng

RE: Music Videos - john - 07-21-2015

Neil Young -

Old Man & Heart Of Gold [1971]

Harvest Moon

Like A Hurricane

Hey Hey, My My

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-12-2015

Corinne Bailey Rae

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-12-2015

Santana - Soul Sacrifice Woodstock (1969)