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RE: Music Videos - john - 08-13-2017

RE Gabriella Quevedo ... I particularly like her rendition of Classical Gas with Tommy Emmanuel.

Tommy Emmanuel Ted talk

Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins - Instrumental Medley

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-14-2017

Tommy Emmanuel, John Jorgenson, Pedro Javier González - "Sultans of swing"

RE: Music Videos - john - 08-27-2017

Talks about the The Beatles She's Leaving Home

Paul McCartney - She's Leaving Home (Live)

Paul McCartney - All My Loving

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-04-2017

Judy Collins -- In My Life

Induction of Linda Ronstadt into the RnR Hall of Fame - 2014-- Glen Frey inducted her. Her was in her band, along with Don Henley in the early 1970s. He credits her with helping them start up The Eagles.

"First four albums laid the groundwork..." Heart Like a Wheel was her 5th solo album.

Songs recorded by Linda Ronstadt that were covers

That's 243 covers.

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-04-2017

Leslie Grace - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-07-2017

News from Choctaw Ridge
Bobbie Gentry - Ode To Billie Joe

Harper Valley P.T.A. movie clip / singer Jeannie C. Riley

You're the Reason Our Kids are Ugly - Lorretta Lynn & Conway Twitty

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-09-2017


All Along the Watchtower (cover of Dylan tune)

Harry Reinhart
Red House

Harry Reinhart "Pretzel Logic"

"Curly Shuffle"

RE: Music Videos - john - 09-26-2017

RE: Music Videos - john - 10-01-2017

60s girl group - The Shangri-Las. Girls from Queens.

Give Him a Great Big Kiss

16-year-old Mary Weiss sings Leader of the Pack

Walking in the Sand


I Can Never Go Home Anymore

The Shangri-Las - Rare Studio Chatter, Outtakes and Unreleased Song

RE: Music Videos - john - 10-05-2017

The Rolling Stones - How "Sympathy" was made

The Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash (Early Take)