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RE: Music Videos - Tusk - 06-09-2012

(06-09-2012, 02:46 PM)My Alter Ego Wrote: To me, this song is Sir Elton at his best, in terms of the musicality of his piano playing and the simplicity and sweetness of both the melody and his singing. His enunciation, however, is a completely different story! This guy's really a Brit?? (LOL)
I was always so fascinated by all the different dialects that reside on the British Isles in England, Scotland and Ireland. So many accents on such a small area of space Tongue

(06-09-2012, 02:46 PM)My Alter Ego Wrote: I do remember Boz Skaggs, Tusk. Thank you for reminding me of how much I liked "Lowdown," a song that had drifted out of my memory. "Look What You've Done to Me" seemed vaguely reminiscent, thanks for posting the video. At the end, the back up singers were extraordinary!

I also appreciate the phrase you used: memory markers. That's huge! Is that another "Tusk original"?

So here are the ways I know of "describing" (perhaps not the correct term) music: a.) universal language; b.) a lifetime need; c.) it can "alter" time (i.e.: be so absorbing/consuming that whether playing or listening, you simply loose track of time); and in adding Tusk's point above d.) a memory marker.

Are there some other generalizations out there you can think of that should be added?
You might remember "Look What You've Done to Me" from the John Travolta/ Debra Winger movie, "Urban Cowboy"...it was pretty big at the time, made during Travolta's popularity after "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease".

I don't know about a "Tusk Original", I do know music has transported me, as I close my eyes, I feel the familiar whispers of more innocent times and emotions triggered by the songs.... Memory Markers

Big Grin.... I sometimes go off on tangents when I post late at night/early morning (some call it pontificating Wink ). I enjoy "word-smithing". I rarely post things like "This" and "IKR?" Tongue
Creative writing was a fun class for me, so in my 'should be sleeping instead of surfing' haze, I get into trying to say things differently, using words that don't always get used as descriptors. I don't get much chance to exercise language skills in my daily life, so that part of me sometimes pours out while I'm posting in my late night haze... Blush

As far as another alliterative descriptor of music? How about Soul Soothing Symphony ? Big Grin

RE: Music Videos - john - 06-25-2012

Tusk , thanks for those Boz Scaggs posts. Good stuff.
While listening to those cuts I ran into this one with Boz and Slash doing Red House.

All Right Now by Free

RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 06-25-2012

Boz Scaggs + Slash + Road House Blues = "Get it On, Bang a Gong, Get it On". It doesn't get much better than this!

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 06-25-2012

Larry Carlton is my idol he's known as Mr. 335 because he plays a Gibson ES 335.
MR ford plays a Gibson Les Paul Gold top.

RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 06-26-2012

This thread has sooooo many awesome songs and performances... WOW! It just provided me with three hours of great entertainment. I found so many new videos to add to my collection Big Grin

Holy Coolness! That cover of "Somebody That I Used to Know' on page 1 of this thread... LOVED IT!

Thank you everyone for your posts, and a special BIG thanks to you John.

So now, IMHO everyone here has really good taste in music and the arts in general. I've been told my artistic sensibility is "odd at best", so I'm not too sure any of you like these two videos of Imogen Heap (I hope someone does); but I like them, so here you go:

The entire concert, "Jeff Beck - Live at Ronnie Scott's" is available on DVD. IMHO, a must see.

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 06-26-2012

Jeff Beck
has been around forever . He is a master in the style of guitar that he plays. He has a bass player and her name is Tal Wilkenfeld. She's a very young artist and plays a bass about as good as anybody I've ever heard she's kind of by Haley look-alike. Look her up on wiki. The woman has mastered her craft in musicianship starting at a very young age.
She is the one playing bass guitar in the video of Jeff back with the curly hair. Notice her instrument is almost as big as she is.

RE: Music Videos - LovinDaHaley - 06-28-2012

^ Smile Yes - luvz and respectz for the Tal Smile

Love me some of the French Princess Nadeah too:

And some a touch of Selah Sue for good measure:

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 06-28-2012

Free with Paul Rogers who later went on to play with Bad company. One of the greatest rock 'n roll voices of his time. In fact his voice was so mesmerizing the word co-k rock was born. The only artist I can think of that has a voice like that was Steve Marriott, from HUMBLE PIE. The bLACK cROWS were influenced by' humble pie'. A little bit of trivia while I'm enjoying another night of insomnia.lolCool
30 DAYS IN THE HOLE. Humble Pie, U-tube it.

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 07-01-2012

RE: Music Videos - midnightblues - 07-01-2012

this is a good one of Paul Rodgers from the album Desolationangels