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RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 05-31-2012 03:57 PM

Quote:Liam Clarke ☺ ‏@LiamClarke1

@HaleyReinhart Just discovered you, and I think you are amazing! You sound like @ladygaga true talent
^ 18-yr-old from Hythe, Southampton, UK with 945 followers

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 05-31-2012 10:32 PM

Quote:Wojtek Wala ‏@MrWala

You want a good album of music with a chick who has an awesome voice? Get @HaleyReinhart's new album. Oh yah, shouts to @robkleiner Wink
^ Someone Rob knows from Chicago with 16,786 followers.

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 05-31-2012 11:45 PM

A McCreerian/Durbinator with 500+ followers:

Quote:briley dixon†♥ briley dixon†♥ ‏@bee_marieee
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0VkDI86Jr0&feature=related I just love this song.. so much<3

Quote:briley dixon†♥ ‏@bee_marieee
I'm still in shock that I like Haley Reinhart now.

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 06-01-2012 09:05 AM

Was trying to merge two threads and something went wrong. I have salvaged and pasted the content I was merging below.

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Wasn't sure what to do with this so I'll put it here. A pic from high school but just posted Daniella on her tumblr site.
[Image: avatar_15f497594fec_64.png]

Quote:found this little gem of me haley rachael and sam after our performance of “because” at our schools display of cultures show.

[Image: tumblr_m45kgcPi7M1qabw66o1_1280.jpg]

Me, Samantha Victor, Rachael Fromkin and Haley Reinhart doing an accapella version of Because by the Beatles.

http://danielamichelle.tumblr.com/page/2 (BTW she has an "ask me anything" option on her menu)
Post from a year ago:
Quote:Song of the Day:
Haley Reinhart - I Who Have Nothing.
I have this song on repeat. I’m so fucking proud of her.

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Are these the same girls??

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(05-18-2012 01:06 AM)Tusk Wrote:  HeartHeartHeart
Are these the same girls??

Yes, I'd say so. It looks like Haley liked to switch up her hair even back then.

Edit: I added some information above (I found a different posting of the video by Daniella with the names listed)

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(05-18-2012 01:06 AM)Tusk Wrote:  HeartHeartHeart
Are these the same girls??

(05-18-2012 01:10 AM)john Wrote:  Yes, I'd say so. It looks like Haley liked to switch up her hair even back then.
That's always been bugging me, mostly because I'm a guy, I just use a comb and voila.....
Haley seems to change her hair up so often...does she do that herself? Can she afford to keep a stylist that follows her around? Or maybe Interscope is footing the bill for that....Huh

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Daniella postings from a mid May back.
Responding to a comment ....
Quote:whoa, my friend Haley, best idol contestant, of. all. time. ??
Crazy. Awesome. Amazing. So proud.
Quote:You know what I love about her, is that she’s so different from them. I know this is gonna sound terrible, but I don’t want her to win. I think she can do so much better without having the AI contract… and i think she knows that.

After RITD..

We always talked about how much singing meant to us and how we knew there’s nothing else out there for us to do. She’s there now and I hope I get to do it too.

Oh my god. I’m so beyond happy for her! I hope she’s through for another week. Damn work didn’t let me watch it last night.

Quote:My friend Haley Reinhart KILLING it tonight with “Bennie and the Jetsssssssssssss.”
fdhsakflhs yes.

Quote:(For those of you who don’t know, I’m not a huge fan of AI but Haley and I went to school together since we were in kindergarten so everyone back home is really pulling for her.)

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 06-02-2012 08:57 AM

Quote:Lydia ‏@Wonder1859

Thanks to my Twitter friends for mentioning this. Loving Haley Reinhart's debut album! ♫ Listen Up! http://spoti.fi/JO1CYC #Spotify

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 06-03-2012 04:50 PM

Quote:KrIsTiN_LeE_ ‏@KristinLee1124
Haley Reinhart is my new favorite singer! Love the edgyness with jazz flavor and pop mixture. #Obsessed Check it out!

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 06-03-2012 08:55 PM

Quote:Marco Jiménez ‏@MrLogicalArtist

Holy fuck. Just listened to Haley Reinhart's single "Free". It's really good. I judged her way too fast after the "Yoü & I" trainwreck.
^^ From Venezuela, must be a little monster (Gaga fan).

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 06-06-2012 09:20 AM

Quote:Katie ‏@fashfrugality

I don't watch Amer Idol so I never heard her before now... but I am loving Haley Reinhart. ♫ Haley Reinhart http://spoti.fi/JI3qfv #Spotify

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 06-06-2012 12:35 PM

Singer/writer in Poema who has 2,227 followers:

Quote:Elle Puckett ‏@ellepuckett

I'm not one to advertise that I watch American Idol/keep up w/ contestants but...@HaleyReinhart's album is SO freakin good. Wow..blown away.

Student/producer for Indianapolis radio station w/1,159 followers:

Quote:PRODUCER KAL ‏@ProducerKal

Make fun all you want, but I absolutely LOVE Haley Reinhart's 'Free' track. Seriously take a listen to it. #futurewifey

21-yr-old from North Carolina with 1,088 followers:

Quote:♡кαуlεε★ѕυммєя ツ ‏@Kaylee_Summer21

the adorable @JacobWhitesides sent me to follow @HaleyReinhart and im glad he did shes an amazing singer!

RE: Happy for Haley - midnightblues - 06-06-2012 12:57 PM

:cool:And that's positive. I like to try to focus on the positive things not the numbers and the sales. That will work themselves out. Haley is doing just fine. She is where she is supposed to be.Cool