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RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 09-03-2016 08:18 AM

Quote:Jason Crocker
Cohoes, NY · posts "Lovefool"

I WAS going to go off on a tear about fearing getting older, but I got sidetracked by how in love with this vocalist I am...

Quote:Cindy Pitko-Domenici

She is really good , have her on my iPod

Quote:Jason Crocker

I'm sort of surprised. I just found out she was from the whole "American Idol" contest series. I thought she was like Minerva, and just sprang out of someplace, fully formed and singing.

9 times out of 10, I realized, when there was a Postmodern Jukebox song caught in my head, it was one where she was singing.

RE: Happy for Haley - Tusk - 09-06-2016 02:08 PM

Haley's Journey vid

Quote:i'm french so i've never watched american idol and i've discovered Haley a few years ago on youtube and i'm really suprised i really thought she would be a big favourite i mean it's crazy that someone as talented as her doesn't get any recognition i've been following her work (PMJ) and it always gets better she is extemely talented and thank you for these videos

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 09-07-2016 10:01 PM

Quote:Rhiannon LeBlanc
1 hr · YouTube (posts "7NA")



Quote:Rhiannon LeBlanc
1 hr · YouTube (posts "Creep")

Ok yall have to check this out!!!!


Quote:Rhiannon LeBlanc
56 mins · YouTube (posts "Habits")

Why haven't I heard of her?!!!!

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 09-10-2016 11:34 AM

Quote:David O'Neill · Collingswood, NJ ·

Introduced a friend to the voice of Haley Reinhart today... I think it was a religious experience for him.

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 09-17-2016 08:17 PM

Quote:Ever since they played PMJ ft. haley reinhart b4 mitch's interview I can't stop listening to her!! This cover
Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix

[Image: CslY9mWVYAQoINK.jpg]

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 09-18-2016 01:33 PM


Quote:Brandy Buretz
2 hrs · YouTube ("Creep")
I adore this. Abby and I danced around while I sang it over and over. Maybe Monday's inspiration

Quote:Louis Opyoke
Better than original

Quote:Brandy Buretz

I agree. I freaking love her voice. Go to YouTube and check her doing "At Last"...hell listen to all of her songs. She is amazing!

Quote:Louis Opyoke

Ok, I'm hooked.awsome taste in music.

Quote:Brandy Buretz

She is my new idol lol.

RE: Happy for Haley - Tusk - 09-26-2016 04:42 PM

Haley's performance of "Wild Horses", bolstered by Guns and Roses going on tour has not only greatly boosted views ( now almost 9K views more than Laguna At Last for the past month), I also see an increase in foreign language comments, usually about Slash or Myles, every once in a while for HaleyCool

Quote:versão top demais!!! muito bom! não conhecia essa garota, que voz maravilhosa! simples, suave e sem muita frescura! Parabéns Haley Reinhart!!! sem contar o Slash e o Myles...

from Portugese
Quote:top version too !!! very good! did not know this girl, what a wonderful voice! simple, smooth and a lot of freshness! Congratulations Haley Reinhart !!! not counting Slash and Myles ...

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 10-05-2016 06:15 PM

FB ("Creep")

Quote:Susan Campbell

My thrill of the week (so far). Never heard of her, but I love her voice, love the jazz band, love the arrangement, love, love, love!

RE: Happy for Haley - Tusk - 10-05-2016 06:23 PM


Quote:So I just found out about @HaleyReinhart..Will you marry me?

Quote:She's mine bruh

[Image: CuCvm6nXYAENJJ4.jpg]


RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 10-15-2016 11:02 AM

Quote:Cherie Lindsay
6 hrs ·

if you like watching the voice, then you're most likely to enjoy hearing and watching this video ("Creep"), i heard this gal a few weeks ago, and one word, "damn!"