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RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 02-02-2017 11:29 PM

Most recent FB comment on "Creep:"

Quote:John Catelli

I just watch Haley Reinhart sing Creep and i saw in her another Any Winehouse with class, amazing performance Just knocked me off my feet

RE: Happy for Haley - InItToWinIt - 02-03-2017 09:03 AM

(02-02-2017 10:55 PM)john Wrote:  I used lovinghaleyr numbers from Jan 02 to get an idea of the average view rate during the past month for Haley's PMJ videos. The numbers are definitely up significantly for Creep, AATB, 7NA, and to some degree for Opps! (but not much if at all for the others). For all of her videos combined she received about 192,000 views per day in January. Smile I also believe the numbers recently are stronger than they were at the beginning of the month.

These are the views per day for the specific songs (not exact but they should be close):

49,410 Creep
40,335 AATB
34,438 SNA
24,115 Opps!
11,907 Habits
10,768 Lovefool
10,573 Mad World
10,638 BHS

PMJ video view counts in general are up in 2017, Haley's are up more. The chart below compares the daily views for the last six months of 2016 (7/3/2016 to 1/2/2017) vs. those in 2017 (1/2/2017 to 2/2/2017). Black Hole Sun shows the least change but it's only 8 months old (comparing only the last 3 months of 2016, it's up 19% in 2017).

[Image: Haley%20PMJ%20videos%202-2-17.jpg?t=1486046830]

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 02-03-2017 02:43 PM

Those are big percentages. Looks like they're also possibly promoting "Bad Romance." I wonder what PMJ's online ad budget is.

RE: Happy for Haley - john - 02-03-2017 11:00 PM

I did a 24 hour sample from 8:30 PST last night through 8:30 tonight (Fri) of the number of views on Haley's PMJ videos. It was a good day for Haley as her videos gathered 219,217 views in total. Here's the breakdown:

55,788 Creep
47,602 AATB
47,278 SNA
26,470 Opps!
11,453 Habits
9,568 Lovefool
12,441 Mad World
11,617 BHS

She should not have any trouble passing 100 million YT views for her PMJ work this month. Of course, if we throw in CHFIL she is currently well over 100M views.

Quote:Shae Ng shared Postmodern Jukebox's video.
4 mins ·
one of the best covers of creep.
discovered Postmodern Jukebox while I was at a cafe - "what is this playlist?"

RE: Happy for Haley - Tusk - 02-07-2017 12:24 PM

Laguna "At Last"

Quote:정다희 3 hours ago
i fell in love with you since i saw you first about 5 minutes ago

RE: Happy for Haley - Tusk - 02-09-2017 09:01 PM

Quote:Tusk ‏@HaleysTusk
One of the benefits of running my channel, reading people post their WTF moments. Kind of like reliving my ownBig Grin

[Image: C4QsGOaVcAAJJIB.jpg]

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 02-22-2017 02:11 PM

First comment on MJ's Big Blog story about CHFIL being certified gold:

Quote:thebobmaster • 5 minutes ago

Good for her! I wasn't a big fan of her on the show, but looking back, I think I was just buying a ticket on the bus the judges kept throwing her under. She has quite a bit of talent.

RE: Happy for Haley - Tusk - 02-23-2017 12:42 PM

Despite a dip in Haley activity, Views on my channel continue to go up at a relatively steep incline as seen in the below graph.... Just passed the 7 million lifetime views. The last 3 months has seen over 400K views per 28 days and still seeing positive comments on videos old and new Big Grin

Most views happened on September 21, 2016 at 20,633 views in one day

[Image: C5Uw8-VUMAA9IN1.jpg]

last 3 days comments on my channel:

"most epic performance..."



""C'mon, Daddy!" Her real Dad...I love it. Haley, you're an awesome performer. Thanks for bringing back that classic...and doing it w/such class."

"Это супер!" (That's Great!)


"She`s just the sexiest woman live..."

"perfect duo"

"those two were meant t be together"

"Haley...awesome girl!"

"I LOVE YOUUUUUU HALEY!!! OHHH MYYY GODDDDD!!!! you are the best!!!"

".....and this would be one of those times where there needs to be a multiple thumbs up option for liking....."

RE: Happy for Haley - john - 02-23-2017 06:23 PM

From a Nebraska (mostly sports) forum
Quote:My wife bought us tickets to something called Postmodern Jukebox at Redrocks later this year. I had never heard of them so did some digging and while the band's genre is entertaining, I heard one of the best singers I have ever heard before. I guess she was on American Idol a few years back and came in 3rd but she absolutely blew me away.

RE: Happy for Haley - john - 03-01-2017 02:52 PM

[Image: a11.gif]

Quote:John‏ @JohnKess
@PMJofficial videos featuring @haleyreinhart have passed 100 Million views (101,141,079). Congrats!!