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RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 02-25-2016 08:10 AM

Quote:Diana Segura
38 mins ·
"I Who Have Nothing"

Laura, seems she had an amazing beginning. Prior to that (CHFIL) video, I had never heard of her. Her performance here is pretty great too. Loving this gal now.

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 02-25-2016 05:10 PM

Quote:louise ‏@glowingjwsides 2h

@BeaMiller THANK YOU for making me fall in love with haley reinhart!!!! can't stop listening

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 02-25-2016 08:20 PM

Quote:Shannon Jilly
45 mins · YouTube
"Can't Help Falling in Love"

Such a fantastic version of this song! I had no idea she was on American Idol. The Extra commercial gets me every time

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 02-25-2016 10:13 PM

Young woman:

Quote:køurtney. ‏@kourtneyLA 26m

I'm catching up on American idol and I'm really wondering why I never liked Haley Reinhart. she's amazing.

RE: Happy for Haley - john - 02-27-2016 04:09 AM

Some YT comments

Quote:definitely my favorite song on this channel! love to see marilyn's influence on music styles even today

Quote:how is it that she's not a famous singer??? Why is nobody talking about her? her voice is AMAZING!

Quote:I get more and more addicted to her voice. Bloody hell. That's talent.

Quote:I want her voice holy heart eyes

Quote:+PostmodernJukebox I just discovered you yesterday, and have already listened to everything you've posted. It's all brilliant. I'm just a big dumb metalhead, and you've made me love a bunch of crappy pop songs. And I gotta admit, kinda smitten with Haley haha. Also, wouldn't mind more of the Klezmer style like you did with Talk Dirty Wink love that stuff.

Quote:She's incredible!!!!!

Quote:I cought myself smiling while I was listening to it. That was more than amazing.


Quote:Jesus christ this is GREAT

Quote:This girl is so amazing...just wow. I adore you all guys, you are simply magnificent! <3


Quote:love this! better than the original,i think...what a wicked singer! sounds very Amy.my brother sent me this,else i wouldve never heard it...fkn exellent! gonna play it again now..

Quote:Oh holy... such a voice!!

Quote:SO beautiful the voice u have, that emotion in the vocal is brilliant

Quote:Godamn! AMAZING!!!!

Quote:WOW! I've only just discovered Haley! She's got such a lovely voice, where is she hiding?! She's much better than a lot of the 'singers' who keep being pushed down our throats! Thank you for putting this on . . . !

Quote:This girl is Amazing and I just wanna cry.


Quote:I don't think there's been a time I've listened to Haley that I have not gotten goosebumps! I've been in love with her and her voice since she first auditioned for American Idol a few years back. Still think she should have won, dang it!

Quote:The best sounding voice on PMJ...warm and sultry...!! Haley, you're a 'doll' with a gorgeous voice !!

Quote:oh my god haley, your voice its amazing. love you so much


Quote:I haven't had a crush on a celebrity for like 13 years. Well, I do now. :-*

her voice is just...wow!!

Quote:Loved the original, this made it 10 times more awesome-er!

Quote:I am in love with her sound

Quote:my whole body is cover in goosebumps she is amazing

Quote:Her voice is thunder. and the musicians are so talented I'm not even sure what to say.

Quote:she is stunning.. and her voice is sexy as hell.

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 02-27-2016 09:35 PM

New Jersey:

Quote:Donna Del Borrello Medora
3 hrs · YouTube
I always loved the way Elvis sang this song .Today I heard this rendition by Haley Reinhart ( I don't think I know of her) what do you think? Something about her voice I really enjoyed it

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 02-27-2016 10:38 PM


Quote:Lindie ️ ️ ️️ ‏@LinDnotlindsey 1h Ashtabula, OH
I love Haley Reinhart's voice. Why am I just hearing it?? Wow. Make more music please! ?

Her profile features a picture from Woodstock and this description: 'RN. BA in Psych. Runner. Animal Lover. Born in the Wrong Decade"

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 02-28-2016 10:41 PM

Two most recent comments on "Lovefool:"

Quote:Mary Wser 9 hours ago
this woman made me cry more than once,
from now on i love her <3 this channel is paradise!!

Quote:RnldRynRq 17 hours ago
I am now a fan of this woman (Haley Reinhart). Love the voice, also from the cover of the Mad World.

RE: Happy for Haley - Tusk - 02-29-2016 12:09 PM

Posted on my Haley's Journey Part 1

Quote:Randy Jackson at 23:38 makes the comment that songs that people know can't be changed much or people will lose connection with the original. I find it a hilarious comment because I found out about Haley through her version of "Creep" she sings with Scott Bradlee's Post Modern Jukebox. Then I got into Casey Abrams, and fell in love with their version of "Sail". The common factor is that those songs are both covers that are quite different from the originals. Scott Bradlee is one of the most versatile contemporary jazz pianists and to see Haley accompany with him with ease on many occasion shows her capableness. Her range and sense of pitch are both professional level, unfortunately in this day and age the understanding of those talents are quite rare. Even when she fumbles over words in that group song her pitch is dead on and she scats the rhythm so it fits into the background, in a live performance that would have been easy to laugh off.

I've been to a jazz concert where the band forgot to give the singer music for a song on the set list, the singer improvised the melody through scatting on the spot after the band played through the head once so she knew it. As a jazz musician myself, I know how cut throat the world of music is, even outside of the big stage. But the biggest question in jazz is, "can you speak the language?". If the answer to that question is a yes, you are invited in the conversation. So to bring this back together, no real musician should care about the audience when they play. Because we musicians have taste, otherwise we would think everything we have ever done is perfect. And no great musician has ever thought that, because if one did he or she would stagnate and then the music would sound dead, because the journey would have stopped.

RE: Happy for Haley - Miguel - 03-02-2016 01:57 AM

Response to FB share of "Creep:"

Quote: I don't watch American idol so I don't know who she is. I you tubed her and my god her voice gives me chills she's a badass

Another FB exchange:

Quote:Caroline Francine with Yadira Muñoz.
1 hr ·YouTube

Here's the version of Creep I was showing you earlier! Brilliant vocals!

Quote:Kiel Palsgaard

I'm obsessed with haley reinhart. She was my favorite idol that season. Love her.

Quote:Caroline Francine

I'm obsessed too!! Ugh I wish I had a voice like hers!

I didn't even know she was an idol till I started checking out all her work lol

Quote:Kiel Palsgaard

Girl I was a fan the minute she opened her mouth. Seriously one of the best. Get her album. You'll die. It's so good.