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RE: Haley Reinhart - International Success - Miguel - 06-23-2013

Quote:Buy Listen Up! ‏@Addicted2Haley 11m

Apparently someone did Haley’s version of Rolling in the Deep on The philippines’ version of The Voice

Quote:Froi ‏@Fryolic 3h

Very Haley Reinhart lang yung version ng Rollin In The Deep... #TheVoiceofthePhilippines

Quote:James Bernardino ‏@jamessssssssss_ 3h

Haley Reinhart yung Rolling in the Deep niya.

Quote:Rachel Ann Tesa ‏@RacheTesa 3h

OMG that's Haley Reinhart's version of Rolling in the Deep! Aminin mo yan. #VoicePHBlinds

Quote:Chuck Pabilona ‏@CarlMatilasti 3h

I recognize that Haley Reinhart version of Rollin' in the Deep.

Quote:Dominic Hatol ‏@dominichatol 3h

Sounds familiar... Ganyan yung ginawa ni Haley Reinhart!!!!

Quote:Bite Bite ‏@hwoarangstudent 3h


Tweets indicate it was during the blind auditions.

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Success - Miguel - 06-28-2013

Quote:Johnny Lingo ‏@ShubbyBagz 15m

Everyone knows Lizzy Grants(Lana) now Fav ths Tweet Haley Reinhart is the next big thing

So says Johnny in Mogadishu.

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Success - Miguel - 07-03-2013

Quote:O'Brien. ‏@Sandra05_95 29 Jun

@HaleyReinhart I think that your voice is the most special in the world, srsly. One of my dreams is to listen you in live. Xx, from Spain Smile

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Success - Miguel - 07-07-2013

Quote:Andy.R ‏@Andy_spirt 6h

So I was having dinner @ Cappuccino café & they started playing your version of Rolling in The Deep! In Beirut! Can u imagine? @HaleyReinhart

"Upcoming Singer/Songwriter" in Beirut:

Quote:Tarek Mendelek ‏@TarekMendelek 7h

@RAGMAGMusic @HaleyReinhart 's album 'Listen Up!' is AMAZING!

Quote:Cola ‏@classyretrogaga 3h

@HaleyReinhart is really underrated! http://youtu.be/b1ed3bSjqSI ... She's amazing.

^^ A 16-yr-old from Lithuania whose Twitter header says: "Monster. Lady Gaga, Lana del Rey, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Foster the People, Florence+Machine, Gwen Stefani."

A One Direction fan in Russia

Quote:It's crazy mofos ‏@yuliya_tim 1h

@MaryHoran92 @BOOOM_LARRY Haley Reinhart – Undone Что-то у меня всё грустное, ну это яяяяя
"Something I have all the sad, well it yayayayaya"

Quote:Anna Fitri Maulida ‏@annafitriMLD 9h

Let it be, let it be just a beautiful memory~ Anything that starts will have an ending~ ♫ Free by Haley Reinhart

^ Indonesia

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Success - Miguel - 07-18-2013

Quote:LEGGI LA BIO ‏@xstylesarms

@justinscourage pure l'altra è brava! ascoltatele lizzie sider e haley reinhart. la seconda ha una voce assurda

... "listen to them and haley reinhart. the second has a voice absurd"

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Success - Tusk - 07-19-2013

Someone made a vid with Vietnamese subtitles for the Step Up Revolution movie for Undone

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Success - Miguel - 07-19-2013


Quote:Nila Palacios ‏@NilaPalacios 38m

I just used #Shazam to tag Hit The Ground Runnin' by Haley Reinhart. http://shz.am/t60538715


Quote:Destina Işık ‏@DestiiIsk 1h

Anlamı çok, çok büyük. Haley Reinhart - Undone Live at iHeartRadio (Audio Only) http://youtu.be/LzaTkkK-9fU

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Success - Miguel - 07-22-2013

Quote:Лера ‏@SeansFanLera 36m

Пора приступать к уборке.. Ненавижу ее, но музыка мне поможет Haley Reinhart - Oh My #np

"It's time to start cleaning .. I hate it, but the music will help me"

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Success - Miguel - 07-24-2013

Quote:Maria Clara Moreira ‏@almodovariando 13m

meu deus, olha essa Haley Reinhart tweetando.

Portuguese: "My God, look at that Haley Reinhart tweeting."

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Success - Miguel - 08-04-2013

Wellington, New Zealand:

Quote:Mix FM Now Playing ‏@mixfm_now 6m

Now playing: Free by Haley Reinhart #nowplaying


Quote: KFREVANS ‏@flow_dey 19h

Oh my! || Hailey Reinhart
Also tweeted "Undone" and "Now That You're Here"

Possibly a Russian lawyer:

Quote:Альберт Борохов 18+ ‏@albbor 21h

haley reinhart pic.twitter.com/uqh8BgqNs7

Saudi, Arabia:

Quote:Khalid Abubaker ‏@KayF_7 3h

I just used #Shazam to tag Undone by Haley Reinhart. http://shz.am/t60538716