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RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 02-21-2016

A Greek woman who lives in Paris, France and works as a flight attendant for Aegean airlines
Quote:Rena Vogiatzi
6 hrs · YouTube ("Creep")

I desire the things that they will destroy me in the end~ ‪#‎τολεσκαιμαζοχισμο‬ ‪#‎thebestsong‬ ~•

Though she has not posted on that FB account since 2014, the posting of "Creep" has drawn 58 likes (316 fewer than her new profile pic).

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 02-22-2016

Comment on the Portland CHFIL video

Quote:Been watching since AI all the way in London, England. Beautiful beautiful beautiful xxx

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 03-11-2016

Quote:Marc Tracy
1 hr · London, United Kingdom ·

Just got back from the Roundhouse - Scott Bradlee's Post Modern Jukebox.
Great show - my Fave's, Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams. Huge talents ...
Here together ...
'Baby it's Cold outside' ...... and it was .....

Quote:Stephen Garrett
4 hrs · Dundonald, United Kingdom ·

Met Haley Reinhart at O2 Liverpool what a performer#pmjtour

Quote:Emma Johnson
Loved her on American idol

Emma attended HS in Belfast, Northern Ireland (per FB)

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 03-12-2016

Dutch cover

....sounds like the "O2" performance cover....

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - lovinghaleyr - 03-12-2016

(03-12-2016, 02:05 PM)Tusk Wrote: Dutch cover

....sounds like the "O2" performance cover....
Like?????It's a copy of O2 Haley's cover(the gestures included) and she have a good
voice,not Haley's level but good

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 03-13-2016

Quote:spidbol ‏@disaharid 1h1 hour ago
Casey Abrams & Haley Reinhart "Never Knew What Love Could Do" https://youtu.be/0GvjK5OwXFs via @YouTube

srećna sam kad ovo dvoje pjevaju zajedno

Quote:I'm happy when the two sing together

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - john - 03-13-2016

Quote:Ashley ‏@Ashley_Albus 7m7 minutes ago
@HaleyReinhart hope you make it to London soon


RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 03-13-2016

Yah he was opining last time she was in the UK, I think. Had time to buy tickets, somehow still not being able to make it.... Tongue

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 03-21-2016

Quote:Simona Miculescu (posts "Oops...")
March 18 at 3:17pm · Belgrade, Serbia ·

Let's welcome the weekend with this cute song that proves that a cover can be better than the original! I love this band - Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox - a rotating group of musicians producing covers of pop songs in alternate styles, including jazz, ragtime, and swing! I remember its vocalist, Hailey Reinhart, from one of the American Idol seasons, when she blew our minds! Look on YouTube also for her rendition of Radiohead's "Creep"! Postmodern Jukebox will perform in Bucharest on May 29! I wish I could make it!

^ "Simona-Mirela Miculescu, Ambassador, PhD. (born 4 July 1959), is a senior Romanian diplomat, currently serving as Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Head of the UN Office in Belgrade since July 2015.[1] Prior to this she was the Permanent Representative of Romania to the United Nations in New York, with the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. [2] She also served as Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of Romania, and is the first woman in Romania's diplomatic history to be granted the rank of Ambassador."

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - InItToWinIt - 04-05-2016

Radio Sarajevo (Google translated from Bosnian)

Quote:RSA Single premijera: Haley Reinhart - Better

The talented 26 - year-old girl from suburban Chicago Haley Reinhart , whose talent is noticed in the tenth season of American Idol , in less than two weeks presents his second album Better .

Originally conceived as an EP , after extra time in the studio , becoming LP , which gathers the Swedish composer Anders Ghan . The title single Better is , in her words , a subtle blend of rock, funk and soul that we promote in today's edition of RSA Single Premieres .