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RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 05-16-2016

Quote:]Sean Atkinson
11 mins · Willerby, United Kingdom ·

I just think the whole world needs to see this! This ain't the end of this thing! Shindig! See you later! Addicted! https://youtu.be/XJX1ldixwCI

posted link to "true HD Haley Reinhart 'Bennie and the Jets' swan song"

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 05-19-2016

Quote:Ewan R Mains‎
to UK musicians for gigs
3 hrs ·

Hi Guys and Gals!

I’m looking for applications for Male and Female vocalists for a new Postmodern Jukebox tribute band I’m starting. Think Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart.

Band is 8 piece - piano, bass, drums, with 3 horns and two vocals. Whilst there aren’t any gigs in the book yet, I’m sure that a band like this will always be busy once we get it up and running.

Looking for people who are experienced and professional please. Band is made up from some of the best pro musicians in Scotland who have all been there, seen it and done most of it! Knowledge of reading music is preferred (but not absolute) and playing any additional instruments a bonus.

If you’re up for it, please PM me with some details about yourself and experience (don’t post here - PM is preferred) along with a video of you singing along to one of these tracks please!

For Girls:


For Boys:


Band is based in Central Scotland. Rehearsals will be starting in the next couple of weeks in Glasgow.



RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 05-23-2016

From Amman, Jordan:

Quote:Awsam Haitham
15 mins · YouTube ("7NA")

This voice, the control, the change in "behavior" in each phrase... I just stopped and watched this video, programming? Doesn't matter... just happy we have such talents still around.

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 06-07-2016

Couple of FB share comments from Haley's live stream of her "Creep" performance tonight at El Rey.

Quote:Vlad Mironov shared Haley Reinhart's live video — with Konstantin Miroshnychenko · Kyiv, Ukraine ·

Я ее просто обожаю ))
Всем хорошего дня !

I just love her))
Everyone have a nice day!

New Delhi, India:

Quote:Rajesh Dhawan shared Haley Reinhart's live video.

Wow! Bloody awesome live (and sexy) performance from @Haley Reinhart.

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 07-06-2016

I've been getting alot of international comments lately.... *google translate

Quote:pinche gente que grita

"click people screaming"



Quote:Очень здорово. получил массу позитива.

"Very good. I received a lot of positive ."

Quote:말이 필요없다 그냥 들으면 되는 음악

"No need to say that just to hear the music"

Quote:linda sua voz é incrivel

"beautiful her voice is incredible"

Quote:Sua voz é incrivel voce é numero one !!!

"Her voice is amazing you are number one !!!"

Quote:Gracias por tan linda cancion!!! :-*
Cuando vienes a México ??? ERES INSUPERABLE !!!

"Thank you for such a beautiful song !!! : - *
When you come to Mexico ??? YOU UNBEATABLE !!!"

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - john - 07-14-2016

Quote:@HaleyReinhart Can't wait to your Warsaw concert! I hope that we will meet!
[Image: Cl3hoq8WIAEFN67.jpg]

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 07-14-2016

I've seen people have been posting their tickets on Instagram too...

[Image: 13643599_1215581601799057_1573600882_n.jpg]

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 07-18-2016

Quote:Lizzy Zaalishvili
3 hrs · Tangier, Morocco ·

In love with her tone

(posts CHFIL)

Quote:Mihaela Batin

Me 2

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 07-25-2016

Quote:Julia Shen
29 mins · YouTube ("Creep")
Accidentally fall in love with this song during friends' BBQ party....

She lives in Singapore.

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 08-03-2016

Cairo, Egypt

Quote:Muhammad Salahuddin Nusair
2 hrs ·

I am grateful to the stranger who introduced me to the voice of Haley Reinhart during this phase of my life.