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RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 02-14-2018

From Velika Gorica. The largest and most populous city (31,341) in Zagreb County, Croatia.

Quote:Tomislav Suflaj shared Haley Reinhart's photo (by @harryburnsii69).

Already following Haley for a while. She’s a great performer and one of a kind singer. You should listen to Haley Reinhart.

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 02-17-2018

Quote:Tusk @HaleysTusk 19m19 minutes ago

Wow someone from Czech Republic went from watching PMJ vids into a 22 Haley Reinhart video rabbit hole

He started watching video of PMJ's recent show in Chicago at the Riviera, then went to Haley's Creep performance w/ PMJ on Josh Wolf's show, then the next 21 videos after that were all Haley related Smile

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 02-24-2018

beautifully sung cover of "Free" from Korea... even though there are slight diction slips, very impressive interpretation for someone not singing in their first language. Often people who try to cover Free IMO over-reach, over-'act', over-dramatic, try too hard to sound like Haley.

To me this cover hits the mood just right, let's her vocal carry the song. I tagged Haley in it, hopefully she gets a like for it Tongue

(It's in 3 parts, so you can hear the whole song. Instagram videos can only be one minute long, click the arrow on the right side of the image to go to the next part)


RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 03-14-2018

From newly posted Lincoln Hall "Movie" video
(Coincidentally, Taipei was a stop between my travel to Vietnam from the US, I was just there yesterday)

Quote:Bzh W 11 minutes ago
Hello Haley, here is the greeting and warm welcome from Taipei, Taiwan, I am a lonely businessman always travel back and forward between Europe and Asian, your songs and performances here are my midnights' brandy all these years. I love the spirit inside and your voice just like touch and lightning from the heaven. just appreciate all the LOVE in between.

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 04-03-2018

Quote:Rhiannon ⚕ @Miananie
Ok je suis amoureuse de Haley Reinhart sa voix transperce mon cœur

Quote:Okay I'm in love with Haley Reinhart her voice pierces my heart

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 05-15-2018

PMJ posted "Creep" to FB again. Some comments.

Quote:Hi, is it possible to know performers will be to back in black and white tour in France ??? And if haley reinhart will be with you ???
She is so amazing !!!

Quote:Die meid kan zingen!!!!
That girl can sing!!!!

Quote:Ik zei onlangs dat je zangdocent je moet kunnen begeleiden. Dit lied is een leuk voorbeeld van wat er zou kunnen ontstaan. Een rock-song wordt een jazz-nummer. Creep, origineel van Radiohead - en ja, zoek het even op op youtube om te kunnen vergelijken. Luister voor de grap ook even welke stemfuncties je waar hoort. En waar je de distortion en de growl hoort Wink

Had zij zich aan de karaoke gehouden, dan had dit heeeeeel anders geklonken.

P.S., had ik al eens gezegd hoe belangrijk het is dat je leert samen muziek te maken in je muziekles? Je eigen muzikale identiteit vinden is iets anders dan het zangtrucje leren Smile

I said recently that your zangdocent should be able to guide you. This song is a nice example of what could arise. A Rock song becomes a jazz song. Creep, original from radiohead - and yes, check it out on Youtube to compare. Listen to the joke, too, which stemfuncties you hear. And where you hear the distortion and the growl Wink

If she had kept herself to karaoke, this would have sounded different.

P. S., did I ever mention how important it is that you learn to make music together in your music class? Finding your own musical identity is something other than the zangtrucje learning

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 06-28-2018

Believe this nice comment on Haley's IG post about
opening for Steven Tyler is from someone in Colombia.


Wow, everything you are fascinates me, you're too talented but not like what you would normally see, you're talent from which it clears a different world of thoughts, to hear you in the middle of the night with a pair of headphones is pure drug, pure love for you

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 07-16-2018

To someone talking about Seven Nation Army sung by someone named "Helen"
but someone tells her it's Haley...

Quote:Marisol @dm_marit 1h1 hour ago

@r101ck Ohhh!! Que bien suena Seven nation army @jcmrock101 Helen qué? Porfa para agregarla a mi lista. @Gabo_RamirezB espero la estes escuchando.

Spanish Translated:

"Ohhh! That sounds good Seven nation army @ jcmrock101 Helen what? Porfa to add it to my list. @Gabo_RamirezB I hope you're listening "

Quote:JC OBDUCCION @jcmrock101 1h1 hour ago

Replying to @dm_marit @r101ck @Gabo_RamirezB
Haley Reinhart a la voz el Jazz es de Scott Bradelee’s Postmodern Jukebox

Catalan Translated

"Haley Reinhart in the voice the Jazz is by Scott Bradelee's Postmodern Jukebox"

Quote:Marisol @dm_marit 1h1 hour ago

Jajajaja... corregido.


"hahahaha.... Corrected"

Quote:Catalan is not, as some believe, a dialect of Spanish, but a language that developed independently out of the vulgar Latin spoken by the Romans who colonised the Tarragona area. It is spoken by 9 million people in Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Isles, Andorra and the town of Alghero in Sardinia.

Catalan is definitely a whole separate language, as in not a dialect of Spanish. It is significantly different. It sounds a bit of mix of Spanish, French and Italian, and in fact it's closer to the latter two than to Spanish

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 07-21-2018

Another reality singing competition? from the Philipines
Quote:Juan Paolo II @akosibruder 7h7 hours ago

She sings like @HaleyReinhart
Nice one. House of the Rising Sun. #TheClashTanggalan @GMATheClash

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 07-22-2018

Quote:Slash World Arg @slashworldarg 2h2 hours ago

#VIDEO ?? @HaleyReinhart @MylesKennedy y @slash haciendo ‘Wild Horses’ de The Rolling Stones en la celebración de los 70 años de Muhammad Ali, 2012. ???? #slash #myleskennedy #haleyreinhart #rollingstones