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RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 02-08-2019

"Never Knew What Love Can Do" Idyllwild 2016

Quote:Ed Newton
19 minutes ago
I feel blessed. Only seen one season of American Idol over here in Wales, these two were the ones that have stuck in my memory.
Thanks so much for this ?

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 02-08-2019

Newly posted "Baby it's You" from London

RE-PLAY 18 minutes ago[url=https://www.youtube.com/replayjf][/url]
Te conheci pelo vídeo cover do creep e já te amei do momento que começou a cantar e só agora vi este seu canal e já me inscrevi.
Que Deus te abençoe muito e te dê muito sucesso e saúde.
Obrigado por me alegrar com sua voz maravilhosa.

Quote:I met you by the creep video cover and I loved you the moment you started singing and I just saw this channel and I already signed up.
May God bless you a lot and give you much success and health.
Thank you for rejoicing in your wonderful voice.

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 03-02-2019

[Image: D0pH8KxVsAEbnpq.jpg]

[Image: D0pH92mUcAAJ1Zo.jpg]

Quote:とこめた!‏ @tw_toco101 1h1 hour ago

Japanese introductory text.
「A retro girl that fascinated all of America with just one phrase」


With [Image: 1f495.png][Image: 1f497.png][Image: 1f495.png] from Tokyo(๑•ᴗ•๑)♪

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 03-17-2019

Young woman in Poland singing the chorus from "Honey, there's the Door:" https://www.instagram.com/p/BvIHrwTgOGZ/

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 04-08-2019

Not often we see posts from Sweden....

Quote:Stein Rune Bjerkholt‏ @RuneBjerkholt 1h1 hour ago
Haley Reinhart "Love is Worth Fighting For" Hotel Cafe 2018 https://youtu.be/MxXMTWo45RI  via @YouTube

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 05-09-2019

Quote:Haley Reinhart liked
Doña Cachetona εїз
‏ @_wwen
 10h10 hours ago

Doña Cachetona εїз Retweeted Tusk
¿Se puede ser tan sexy?
¡¡¡Se puede ser tan sexy!!!  @HaleyReinhart

Quote:Can you be so sexy?
You can be so sexy!!!  

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 05-11-2019

Ghana (West Africa)

Quote:Motherfucker Jones  @kofi_233

Found a perfect version of ‘Can’t help falling in love’ on Spotify one time and forgot to save it. Now I can’t find it.

Quote:Mash @mash_233

Haley Reinhart?

Quote:Motherfucker Jones@kofi_233

I doubt but let me check.

Quote:Motherfucker Jones @kofi_233

Replying to @mash_233
Oh yes! that is it! Thank you.

Quote:Mash @mash_233

Lol knew it. You're welcome

Quote:Motherfucker Jones @kofi_233

It’s got a perfect pace. Not too slow. Not too fast. But very short.

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Tusk - 05-25-2019

Hotel Cafe "Free"

(self translated)

Quote:Константин Павлов  16 hours ago (edited)
Я умираю, чтобы увидеть Хейли Рейнхарт я не думаю, что она просто красивая женщина с уникальным голосом на планете, Да, я музыкант из Советского Союза))) Хейли если Вы читаете эти строки вы вдруг узнаете, как музыканты в России нуждаются в Вас ))) Россия нуждается в Хейли

I'm dying to see Hayley Reinhart I don't think she's just a beautiful woman with a unique voice on the planet, Yes, I'm a musician from the Soviet Union))) Hayley if You read these lines you suddenly find out how musicians in Russia need you ))) Russia needs Hayley

RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 07-08-2019

Quote:I hear Haley Reinhart all the time in shops and she's never even charted in the UK as far as I know...

Reddit thread: "What songs were you surprised to hear in public?"


RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal - Miguel - 07-08-2019

A recent blog post from someone in the UK:
Quote:Not being American, I didn’t see Haley on AGT, but instead encountered her as a guest of Postmodern Jukebox, and I’ve been hooked ever since

"spabbit's music of the moment"