"ALL ABOUT THAT BASS" with PMJ - Haley, Casey, Morgan James, Ariana Savalas...
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RE: Haley making a video with Scott Bradlee and PMJ
Quote:Roxanne Rankin shared Kai Kamai's video.
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Pretty cool rendition! Love Haley Reinhart's voice!!

I clicked on that share and saw that Kai's comments also show on the person's timeline.

"I am in LOVE with this version. I posted one a while back, but THIS ONE is the best. I love it. The style. The talented singers. Its just incredible. Enjoy!!"

Such duel endorsements must be very effective at getting people to view the video.


10 hours ago
Only a few days up and my friends video has gone viral! Almost 3 million views. Thank you guys for always supporting my posts, friends and family members. Muah. Muah. Muah

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