The Beatles - Anything and Everything
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RE: The Beatles - Anything and Everything

Alec Baldwin's intro is hilarious, (Skip No Doubt Tongue ) Nora Jones, David Grohl and James Taylor do well, but it's 'Sir' Steven Tyler who brings the house down (He also performs the songs I'd love Haley to perform if I were ever able to be rich enough to hire her for a show: "She Came in Through The Bathroom Window" to "Golden Slumbers" to "The End") Paul obviously has great affection for Steven (why can't Steven set up a meeting between Paul and Haley? Tongue )

Great finish with chorus of Hey Jude Smile

Paul's Dad's advice after hearing them perform "She Loves You" for him

Quote: Son, there's enough of these 'Americanisms' around, couldn't you just say 'yes, yes, yes'...
In response to hearing the lyrics "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah"
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Someone posted this ironic video wondering what would happen if John Lennon were to audition for "The Voice"


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