Haley in the Wild
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Haley was at Drew's Brother's Wedding today. Drew said he played piano, I think it's likely Haley sang, at the wedding...

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RE: Haley in the Wild
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I hope the new single is just as refreshing as this here lake water!!! Kisses to you all on this fine Sunday. #single #video #lastkissgoodbye #newmusicfriday #linkinbio #natural #curves #sunkissed #summerlove
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Haley spent yesterday hanging w/ fellow songwriters, Chad Richardson & Clare Reynolds

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RE: Haley in the Wild
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It was a marathon. A glorious journey of a marathon. @markballas we missed ya brother!
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RE: Haley in the Wild
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Just a couple a mermaid/pirates makin’ movie backdrops our reality. Watchin’ fireworks through palm trees. Livin’ free like we oughta be. Hope ya’s enjoyed yourselves! ?‍♀️ #happy4th #fam
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Quote:Wild Theme @WildTheme 31m31 minutes ago

@HaleyReinhart @WaitressMusical #WaitressTour

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RE: Haley in the Wild
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What a splendid evening spent with @haleyreinhart at @waitressmusical
We were impressed and proud and inspired by the all-female creative team. y'all nailed it!!
Music by @sarabareilles is always such a delight!! Thanks for having us @hollywoodpantagestheatre , see you again soon xx

So happy to attend the #la premiere of @waitressmusical at the stunning @hollywoodpantagestheatre. Always loved the movie & what a beautiful performance by all! Brought my girl @arisaramusic & we had a ball. Smile Amazing songs, written by the ever so inspiring @sarabareilles... ♥️ I hope we get a more formal introduction someday, since red carpets are always a crazy place to meet hehe, Congrats! #redcarpet #waitressmusical
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Something to speculate about while we wait for the next chapter of Haley's career...

Several commenters on Haley's Instagram page have been promoting the idea of Haley as a future Jenna (the lead) in Waitress. I really think this could work.

Waitress is currently running on Broadway and is approaching the tail end of the first year of a National touring company - the one that opened in L.A. I believe they are also planning an Australian company. The role of Jenna on Broadway has been rotated through several "name" artists, including Sara Bareilles herself, for relatively short term engagements. Katharine McPhee is performing the lead through August 19. Her replacement for the next couple of months has already been announced.

On the other hand, the touring company has one lead, Desi Oakley, since its tour was launched, I believe last October. Desi's contract is up at the end of the LA run, and she will be replaced by an artist still to be named. It could be one of the current cast - 1 swing and 2 understudies, someone from the Broadway cast, or perhaps someone external. Road contracts are usually six months or a year.

I believe a road tour for Haley would be unrealistic because of her other commitments/interests/goals. A short term Broadway contract would be a lot easier to schedule. I think the current show strategy is to keep changing leads because successful shows rely a lot on return business from loyal fans, who like to compare performers/performances. Just check youtube for comparison videos on long running shows such as Phantom, Wicked, etc. Wicked fans can have endless discussions on the merits of various performers "Fiero riffs", for example. Waitress fans are starting to compare Jennas, especially relative to their singing of "She Used to Be Mine." I would love to hear Haley sing this, and have no doubt that she could outsing K. McPhee on this one.

Interesting fact: Apple has signed a S.B. & Jessie Nelson (wrote the book for Waitress and was also at the premiere in LA, along with S.B.) series, called Little Voice, about a young singer songwriter (or songwriters?) in New York. No casting information yet. (Probably good that Haley has trimmed her nails if she might be interested in consideration for roles in shows such as this). In my imagination I can see her fitting in with a cast of young aspiring singer songwriters trying to make it in New York. They could possibly rotate a cast member or members into the Broadway Waitress company as a way of promoting the series. Of course, I have no idea of the actual structure of the show.

I think S.B. would think very positively toward Haley, considering Sara's connection to Desi Oakley. Desi is also a singer songwriter/pianist, who like so many other talented artists, was trying to make it in New York. Her resume included a principal role as Eva Peron (alternate) in the Evita national touring company, but after that took ensemble/swing/understudy roles on Broadway in Wicked, Les Mis, etc. She released an EP of original songs and performed occasionally at NY clubs. The typical ups and downs of so many talented performers trying to make it in New York. Sara recognized her talent, her work ethic, and I believe was a big influence in casting her for the lead in the National touring company. Desi has gotten rave reviews for her work as Jenna, and I wouldn't be surprised if she at some time soon gets the Broadway lead, in this or perhaps another production. Also, perhaps a role in Little Voice? Desi just completed an 8 part vlog "Pie a la Road" on Broadway.com. It was well received and greatly increased her visibility in the theatre community.

Anyway, similar to Desi's situation, I think Sara could relate to all the hard work Haley has been doing over the past few years. And, of course her talent.

Another project - Diane Paulus, who directed Waitress (but I believe was not at the LA premiere) is directing a live NBC performance of Hair to be aired next May.

Bottom line, it was good that Haley was at the Waitress premiere, and that "formal introduction" to Sara, and associates, might be a very good idea.

Yes, I think Haley would make a great Jenna.

By the way, we now live in the Las Vegas area and will be seeing Waitress in October with the new Jenna. Sad, because we'd been looking forward to seeing Desi. We saw her as Eva Peron in Evita and thought she was great. However, if it were to be Haley (really, timing much too soon) we would go out of our minds. Also, to Tusk, the first stop for Waitress after LA is Seattle, with the new Jenna and probably some other casting changes. So if you care to check it out you can give us your opinion on whether or not you think that Haley would fit the role.
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RE: Haley in the Wild
That show does seem to be the hot ticket, especially among many Haliens. Seems this is a passion of yours, more knowledge about theater than I wouldknow, last live shows I saw were Mama Mia and Spamalot Tongue

TBH I think it’s possible Haley might be interested in something like this in the future, I would think Haley would want to get some experience acting first let alone have a major part in a musical production that would require her to act and sing. Theater work, as you would know, is harder than say TV/ movie acting, where you get multiple takes in scenes.

Although with Haley, you never know, maybe a connection with Sara Bareilles might lead her to pursue that direction Smile. She did do some acting in her school days

Even Katherine McPhee has several years of TV acting under her belt, shows that have many seasons and accolades, so she has a comfort level with acting even though she started off as a singer. With her looks, she was bound to be on TV some time in her career. I think the same can be true for Haley...her voice acting has shown she’s a pro in another setting than a recording studio or on stage, not to mention her ever expanding network, whose names and accomplishments are getting bigger and bigger Cool

Since we’re speculating/spitballing about Haley and acting...I could see her doing some kind of short scenes within her shows, acting out the song...acts like Alice Cooper and ABBA would have segments within their shows to add some theatre Tongue

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