Haley in the Wild
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Quote:Haley Reinhart
6 mins ·

Spent this years Grammy’s with Steven Tyler & friends at the first ever @janiesfund gala & Grammy viewing Party!

I’m honored to be a part of such an important cause that I hold so near & dear to my heart. #janiesfund helps young women across America get the help and healing they need after being neglected and abused.

After raising over a million dollars for these delicate souls, @iamstevent & @lovingmaryband put on one heck of a show. Thanks for the shout out Steven, you’re a legend and my favorite! ♥️ @recordingacademy #janiesgotafund #grammys Dress by: @pinupgirlclothing


Ur basically Steven’s favorite human being ♥️ loveeee


Thank you so much for attending, Haley! We are so honored to have you as an advocate for abused and neglected girls.
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RE: Haley in the Wild
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Met lovely people @janiesfund Have you heard her voice? If not please do! @haleyreinhart so nice to meet you !

**3.87 million followers on Twitter, 6.2 million followers on Instagram
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Quote:Nargis Fakhri is an American model and actress who mainly appears in Bollywood movies.[1] Fakhri began her career as a model and appeared as a contestant in The CW series America's Next Top Model.[2] She made her acting debut in the 2011 romantic drama Rockstar, for which she received a Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut nomination. She received praise for starring as a war correspondent in the political thriller Madras Cafe (2013). She later appeared in the successful comedies Main Tera Hero (2014), Spy (2015) and Housefull 3 (2016), the second of which was a Hollywood production...
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RE: Haley in the Wild
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We are all the colors @haleyreinhart ...
#headsup #yoga #yogi #takecare #goodmorning #singers #musiclover #historical #architecture

H/T Avelene from Haley's Insta story

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RE: Haley in the Wild
At a Netflix premiere w/ Drew tonight.... she showed a short clip of being in a room that had actors and props like in a lab

[Image: DVFYo4hVQAAPxSH.jpg]

[Image: DVFYo4gVQAAAEfy.jpg]
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RE: Haley in the Wild
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Welllll, call me Old Fansioned** Wink #grampsdrink #tbt

**Haley's making a Double entendre.... an "Old Fashioned" is also a Whiskey Cocktail, thus her hashtag: #grampsdrink . When I was in NOLA w/ Haley and Irvin, I bought them drinks.
They both drank what I drink, coincidentally, Makers Mark, fairly likely the whiskey Haley has in her Old Fashioned.
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Quote:Nathan Newsham
7 hrs ·
This is interesting if you follow my timeline. I realized over one year later, that the friendly woman who joined me at the bar in Dave and Busters for happy hour in Hollywood, who shot the shit and shared her chicken bites was on American Idol and has millions of fans, lol. She also is a voice in F is for family! I forgot her name after we met and it was bothering me. It was the beautiful and talented Haley Reinhart. Crazy. I owe her an album purchase.

(posts "Baby It's You" video)
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RE: Haley in the Wild
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Quote:Megan Hoinkes is at Green Mill Cocktail Lounge.
5 hrs · Chicago, IL ·

Sure, I could have video of Haley Reinhart showing up to sing “Night and Day,” but I was too busy not messing with my phone, so here’s my Elliot Ness and the guitar.

Description of venue from a review:

Quote:Now over 100 years old, the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge is the crown jewel of Chicago's Uptown neighborhood and is the best jazz club in the known universe. Green Mill is a place for people of all walks of life to relax, enjoy martinis or Schlitz, and listen to some of the best music around, from traditional jazz to swing orchestras. The Green Mill even hosts the longest running poetry slam, every Sunday night. Inspired by the Moulin Rouge in Paris (Red Mill), the Green Mill has attracted many celebrities through the years from Al Capone to Frank Sinatra to Bill Gates and has been filmed in The Untouchables, High Fidelity, and the 80s TV series, Crime Story. This is particularly impressive considering that Uptown has gone through an incredible transformation from its origins as a swamp to the "Hollywood of the Midwest" with Charlie Chaplin, to being run by Al Capone, to a haven for drug addicts and hoodlums, and finally to a neighborhood being reborn.

pics from Internet:

[Image: Green-Mill-Cocktail-Lounge-Chicago.jpg]

[Image: green-mill-musicians.jpg]
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Angie posted a few seconds of Haley singing "Night and Day" from last night w/ the band on her Instagram Story... Haley posted this band playing their instrumental version of Pink Floyd's "Money"....very versatile Cool

H/T Kindred

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