Haley in the Wild
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Quote:Mikekazlauskas ‏@Mikekazlauskas1 1h

@HaleyReinhart I enjoyed meeting you in Chicago great personality
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(09-13-2014, 04:23 PM)Miguel Wrote:
Quote:Mikekazlauskas ‏@Mikekazlauskas1 1h

@HaleyReinhart I enjoyed meeting you in Chicago great personality

Is she home or was this from before?
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RE: Haley in the Wild
From before.

She was in LA last night.

7 hours ago
Epic late night jams with these guys....


What a night! ?
09-22-2014, 07:53 PM,
RE: Haley in the Wild
Not sure where I should post this, but when I was watching Wheel of Fortune today one of the categories was Song Lyrics. The answer was Bennie and the Jets!!
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Quote: Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley 30m

Made it to the HOB! Oh my Haley is here!

Wasn't Haley just on a Mexican island yesterday? Girl gets around.
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Quote:Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley 13m
She literally just flew in from Mexico and came straight here
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[Image: ByR_bbTCUAEOfZL.jpg]

Quote:Rachel! ‏@RClovesHaley 2h
Being able to see this one on my birthday was just awesomeeee
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RE: Haley in the Wild
^^Nice Birthday Present Rachel! You sure look like best buddies!
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RE: Haley in the Wild
I guess I'll write a summary of last night! I know a few of you really like some in depth details about a night with Haley, so I'll try my best to remember everything!

So yesterday, September 23rd was my 23rd birthday! I knew that Casey and a couple of Haley's friends were having a show at the House of Blues Foundation Room, and I was like "That would be fun! Hmm, I wonder if Haley will be there!"

Let me clarify, I had no idea if she would. I was definitely hoping so though! So me and 3 of my friends went! We got there and the first person I see is Bonx (Bianca Minniti) and she said "Hey, thanks for coming! Happy Birthday!" (She follows me on Twitter so I'm sure that's how she knew.) Then I immediately saw Casey and he said Happy Birthday as well. I think he saw it on Twitter too. The room was already pretty crowded but me & my friends managed to get some seats at the bar.

We had some beers, just hanging out talking about how crazy the Foundation Room is (It's a trippy looking place) and then I noticed her walking in (You know how it is when you see that hair and you're like IT'S HALEY) LOL. I didn't walk up to her or say hi, all her friends were there and she was just gone for awhile, she was catching up with everyone. Plus, it wasn't her show, I look at it as she was "off" for the night, I was NOT about to go and bug her, just hoped to eventually run into her maybe after and say hello!

So after the first band finished she was talking to some people pretty close to me, eventually she walked right up to me like she already had sort of an idea I was there and said "Heyyy! It's so cool that you came here to see them tonight!" So I told her I wanted to come out to Hollywood since it was my birthday and she got all excited and gave me like 4 hugs haha. I introduced her to my friends, although she's met one of them a few times. She said that she literally had flown in that night from Mexico, LAX straight to the House of Blues.

So we ended up talking for like 15 minutes about some stuff, but mainly the video we all made her for her birthday! She was like "Ok, I just have to say, the video you guys made me was so incredible. It tore me up, I was a wreck after watching it. It was so beautiful and so touching. I've shown it to so many people. It was just amazing, what you do for me does not go unnoticed" I told her I was so happy she liked it and was happy she posted it. She said "I know I could be better at all the online stuff..I had to post it to show everyone". She REALLY, REALLY, REALLLLY wanted to make sure I knew just how special and amazing the video was to her, like it really meant SO SO much to her, truly. More than we probably know.

She then asked me how I was doing, after watching the video obviously she knows about my anxiety I suffer from, she wanted to know if I was doing better and I just told her some stories about how it started and how bad it has gotten, but also that I've been a lot better now. She said that she's been there before too and totally understands it.

There was probably more that we talked about that I can't remember, she did say that her friends were stealing Casey (since they were performing with him, AND performed songs Haley normally sings with him haha)

So after Casey played, and the third band played, my friend was like you should take a picture with her for your birthday! Haley was like WAIT and put some lipstick on, you could tell she was a little tired from traveling but we took a couple pics and she was like "WHATEVER YOU WANT!" And called me the birthday girl. She's so cute.

So we talked some more. She asked me what else I was doing for my birthday and that this was my birthday WEEK, not just day. I told her I'll think of something else fun to do by the end of the week. I said that I feel OLD now, she said OLDER, you're growing. (She has such great wisdom I swear LOL) I mentioned how it was my golden birthday. She said she remembers her golden birthday, because of all the 9's! She said it was a great one. She told me that Mikalah told her about this crazy thing where it has something to do with your birthday, you add it up and you get a number, and it's supposed to mean something. Which is super ironic, because I had just done that the other day, we were talking about our numbers and their meanings haha.

I asked her more about Mexico, she said it was great, that she hopes stuff is posted, and that she has more pictures she'll post. She sang Goldfinger, also mentioned how she got to sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I asked her if they were affected by the tropical storm and she said at first they were supposed go somewhere but couldn't because of the storm. But eventually, they ended up taking this boat to a secret island, she said it made her feel so sick, but she managed to hold it down LOL. She said they literally had to jump from the boat and swim to get to the island. I was like "Wow it's like Survivor!" haha.

I also asked her about "Never Knew What Love Could do", because I was not sure who's song it was. She said it was Casey's. They performed it together at first because Casey thought she would sound good singing it. I don't think they actually wrote it together, she said the song itself is so HER it just feels like she wrote it with him. I asked if there's a chance they might end up having it be both of their songs instead of just his and she said "Maybe! Who knows!" She also said "Casey dedicates it to me" and did this cute little blushing face look. In my head I was like "WHAT..OMG..WAIT..WHAT?" hahaha but I was like "AWWWW".

I talked about how Bonx sang Rhiannon and she was like "I told you, they're all stealing my shit!" Jokingly, haha. I decided to ask her since i've always been curious exactly how she met all her LA friends. She said that her old band from Chicago were in LA, and invited Haley over, which is where she met all of them (Bonx, etc.) They had mutual friends, turns out they're all from Chicago! I said it's pretty cool, and that in this situation living out in LA away from your family it's probably really awesome to have people from where you're from.

So I said my goodbyes and she hugged, thanked me for everything, made sure I knew that everything that I do for her will be recognized. And told me to enjoy my birthday.

Also, she said she promises she'll be back in the Twitter world soon. I told her we know she's been busy lately, but that some are having withdrawals Wink

So that pretty much sums it up!

Casey of course was really cool as always, he even made the most ridiculous Vine on my account that I posted haha.

They're truly the most awesome laid back genuine people I know! I'm SO SO glad I watched all of Season 10 of American Idol and have gotten so close to these 2. Can't imagine my life without em!

It was a great way to spend my birthday, I loved it Heart

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Thanks Rachel and unforgettable birthday Big GrinHeart

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