American Idol 2015
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RE: American Idol 2015
Quote:Michael Slezak ‏@MichaelSlezakTV 1m1 minute ago
I love when contestants cover Haley @HaleyReinhart. #IdolAuditions

Apparently someone's auditioning with "You and I"
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RE: American Idol 2015
Quote: THR's Idol Worship ‏@Idol_Worship 5m 5 minutes ago
I have a soft spot for this song since @HaleyReinhart did it! "You and I." @AmericanIdol
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RE: American Idol 2015
From Slezak's recap
Quote:4. Adanna Duru, “You and I” | One-time Voice contestant has a springwater clear tone and no shortage of horsepower — I even heard a little bit of LaBelle-ian gusto when she hit the chorus — but Adanna lost just a tiny bit of control in the final moments of her Haley Reinhart Lady Gaga’s gorgeous ballad. Still, with a smidge of improvement, she could be a true contende
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RE: American Idol 2015
In Michael Slezak's TV Line recap of American Idol posted today about last night's (Feb 4) Hollywood Round, he mentioned Haley twice, and even posted a link to her "Habits" video. Smile

Quote:Instead, gather up those precious snippets of future Chris Daughtrys and Haley Reinharts singing. Because, bound together in a tightly edited Group Rounds episode, we saw 10, perhaps even 15 vocalists who reminded us not only of the past glories of The House That Made J.Hud an Oscahhh Winner, but also of its future potential.

Quote:Rayvon Owen’s “Ordinary People” had so much rise and fall, so many delectable little nooks and nuances, that I’m seriously considering recording the audio onto my iPhone, seeing if I can play said file on iTunes, and then play it on repeat ’til it challenges Haley Reinhart’s “Bennie and the Jets” as my No. 1 most played jam of all time.
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RE: American Idol 2015
Think we could get Michael Slezak to join Halien Shindig #2?
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RE: American Idol 2015
(02-06-2015, 01:19 PM)Himm2 Wrote: Think we could get Michael Slezak to join Halien Shindig #2?

And maybe Melinda Doolittle as well.
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RE: American Idol 2015
I wonder if Michael Slezak looks in here? He seems very up to date on all things Haley !

If so.... sorry about any ribbing I give you from time to time Michael. We all have our own personal tastes. Equally important: you're knocking out your review pieces in high their high quality in very short amounts of time and you're bound to have a bad note now and then yourself (hehe.. you were honest about that in this last weeks Idology where you couldn't believe some contestants came of the show saying "i'd change nothing" when we all can critique ourselves and improve).
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RE: American Idol 2015
I just watched the Hollywood rounds. I think this season looks interesting.

One of the contestants I really liked was Adam Lasher (Carlos Santana's nephew) I like musicians. Here is a full version of Wicked Game from youtube--really, really good. He can play that guitar

[video=youtube] [/video]

Interestingly, he has a version of a Stay (Rihanna) and his drummer is Enrique Lara who has played off and on with Casey since his first promotional tour of his cd. He just played at the Rm 5 show that Tusk attended

I also liked a long blond haired girl with a crystal voice. I can't remember her name--but she was good.

I know that Jax will be around for awhile. She's got star quality for sure. I like Savion from last year. There were some others--but I am so bad at names.
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[Image: B9wN3foCQAAwGqQ.jpg]

Michael Simeon, AI S14 contestant
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RE: Happy for Haley
(02-13-2015, 03:10 PM)Tusk Wrote:
[Image: B9wN3foCQAAwGqQ.jpg]
Michael Simeon, AI S14 contestant

@DavidArchie is David Archuleta...runner up to David Cook in 2009
and it looks like I might be rooting most for JAX this season:
and her response about Haley just sealed the deal!

Michael Simeon just followed me after i made this comment:
Steve Klumpp ‏@Himm2 3m3 minutes ago
@JAXpackx @michaelsimeon @HaleyReinhart @DavidArchie JAX your comment about Haley Reinhart just sealed the deal for my dedicated votes 4 U
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