American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
08-18-2015, 09:14 PM,
American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
I watched a little bit of the show tonight. During a montage of past contestants with sob stories - most of whom didn't make the live rounds - they showed part of James Durbin's audition. They also showed Lazaro Aarbos.

btw, today is James' birthday. He just turned 27, which doesn't seem that old for a family man.
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
Sings Creep
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
Great show tonight- lots of talented girls!
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
Tristan McIntosh

Amazingly mature 15 year old.

Melanie Tierce Rise Up

WGWG Trent Harmon - Unaware

Olivia Rox When I Was Your Man

Lindita -It's A Man's Man's Man's World
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
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Quote:Adam Lasher ‏@AdamLasher 2h2 hours ago
Literally the last person they let in to @CaseyBassy 's sold out show at @thehotelcafe last night! @AmericanIdol
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
I find it strange that Lauren Alina was at this event. AI panel at the FOX portion during the 2016 Winter TCA Tour held at the Langham Huntington Hotel on Friday afternoon (January 15) in Pasadena, Calif.

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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
They probably wouldn't want to invite Caleb, Candice, or Taylor. Lauren is the second place finisher who has done the best in previous years.
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
I think it's plausible that might have wanted a female, and could have wanted another country singer too in terms of rounding the panel up. I think Kellie Pickler (another country female) has had more success commercially but I'm not sure it was too scientific or anything

I'm sure they would have rather had Kelly and/or Carrie but I certainly imagine those two would be unlikely to stop a busy schedule.
02-01-2016, 12:54 PM,
RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
Here is Michael Slezaks (with Melinda Doolitle) hollywood week "reality check"

Rumor has it that the judges will have much more say in who gets to the finals and possibly a bigger role further down the line.


Another thing (tom's thing, not ms's)

Interesting to me is that at this point, there are 2 former The Voice contestants remaining. Also one contestant from the X-Factor, AND two singers who Auditioned on TV for the Voice

They haven't mentioned that they were on The Voice, (which I of course wouldn't expect them to do) which further confirms to me that it wasn't some odd political ploy.

I looked briefly at these 5's twitter and you-tube accounts and they didn't have huge numbers of followers - a lot for an individual certainly but in the 10k range and less -- not enough to make even shift the needle noticeably in a show still getting 3 million viewer.

What it says to me is that even with 340 million people in this country, it is really indeed a rare rare person who can sing and sing under pressure on camera.

I believe there are perhaps 10's of thousands of men and women with very good voices - singing in wedding bands, singing in their high school plays, etc..... but Idol must see them missing something to go fishing in The Voice contestants that didn't make it too far.

I really think that the ability to be on camera comfortably(and appear well on camera - which is different that classic good looks but still dependent some natural things - eye movements, posture etc, have a mic in your face comfortably, be in front of huge crowd comfortably etc is more rare than good enough voices to reach the notes and remember the score etc ...but having the two circles intersect must be rare indeed.

Long and short -- I wonder if the shows have sort of "over-mined" the pool of people that would shine on the big stage? (of course every year they're will be another crop getting old enough - but maybe not quickly enough to put 50 on camera in early stages on each show?

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