American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
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[Image: ai-s15_top-24-stage_0029REV2.sm_r_hires1...065260.jpg]

I was looking at videos of contestants that Haley might duet with next week and it made me appreciate just how good she is.

I could related to this comment at TVline
Quote:No wonder this show can’t produce a decent winner anymore. They value back stories and goofballs over people with actual talent.
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
Colette Lush didn't make it

Jessica Cabral got the boot
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!

An early favorite according to Slezak and Dolittle -- MacKenzie Bourg

Regarding this performance, Slezak remarked that JLo was expressing elight that the "kids in the audience know the words...." He went on "Girl, do you know which idol contestant is currently charting with CHFIL -- The one contestant that you never say a kind word to...." "Bow down JLo...." They discussed it briefly starting at 7:05. No mention of Haley on Idol.

They like Avalon Young
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
It's going to be weird when Haley is looking out at JLo.

[Image: ai-s15_middle-rounds1_0953_f_f_hires1.jpg]

It appears she's likely to sing with two contestants.

This week's pairings:

Jordan Sasser with Fantasia
La’Porsha Renae with Fantasia
James VIII with Caleb Johnson
Sonika Vaid with Caleb Johnson
Jeneve Rose Mitchell with Scotty McCreery
Jenna Renae with Scotty McCreery
MacKenzie Bourg with Lauren Alaina
Emily Brooke with Lauren Alaina
Gianna Isabella with Nick Fradiani
Thomas Stringfellow with Nick Fradiani
Stephany Negrete with Ruben Studdard
Avalon Young with Ruben Studdard
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
It will be kind of strange. I watched Haley's coronation song on youtube last night for old times sake. The look on JLo's face still makes me chuckle.

I turned Idol on for a little bit last night gearing up for Haley's return and caught this. She was actually quite good. But I lost interest pretty quickly and moved on.

02-17-2016, 12:16 PM,

Go to 13:00 to see Slezak slip in a touch of Haley's Creep.
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
I like some of the singers in this years AI.

Last night the judges selected Dalton Rapattoni, Olivia Rox, Trent Harmon and La’Porsha Renae for the top ten. The other six slots will be based on voting by the audience. Among those being voted on, Avalon and Sonika are my favorites. I think Avalon is a natural. Sonika has a great voice but will need to loosen up a bit.

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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
La'Porsha Renae -- Diamonds
Kelly Clarkston crowns her the 2016 winner

Kelly Clarkson Performs "Piece by Piece"

[Image: CryingSmiley.gif]

Sonika Vaid - Bring Me to Life
03-04-2016, 10:22 PM,
RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
If twitter followers means anything then Dalton and Mackenzie aren't going away soon on Idol since they both have over 100K followers. I think the next highest is Tristan with 22.5K.

The two that went home yesterday, Olivia and Gianna have around 10K. Sonika has about 11K and La'Porsha has 18K.
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
Sonika was very good on "Bring Me To Life" but came back to earth on the Kelly song.

I thought Avalon's "Earned It" was one of the best performances the show has had in a very long time. She looked like a guest star instead of a contestant. We also haven't seen blatant sex appeal like that from a contestant, since..well..Haley. (Although Avalon's is clearly very different than Haley's.)

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