American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
Colette Lush, Jessica Cabral, and Avalon Young were three that I liked at the beginning. I was surprised (kind of ...this is Idol after all) that only Avalon made it through. I liked some Ameet videos I just looked at -- although her mature voice is beyond a lot of Idol voters I think.

Sonika went home tonight. I never doubted that outcome, but was shocked and delighted that Dalton actually made it into the bottom two. Trent did really well tonight. Dalton and Mackenzie did nothing to distinguish themselves.
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
American Idol Series Finale Will Feature a Slew of Past Alums

Quote:Every winner will be represented, except for Phillip Phillips who took legal action against 19 Entertainment to void his contract with the company. Sanjaya will be in the house! No David Archuleta. Crystal Bowersox is booked for a gig in Vermont that night, so she’s not available. Adam Lambert will likely be in Canada that week shooting Rocky Horror. They’re letting Clay Aiken back in the house after his nasty tweet-fest. Jax won’t be in the house. She’s signaled that she’s done with Idol, and maybe they’re done with her.

From the list, here's the breakdown who's confirmed for the finale by season:

S1: 3 (Kelly, Justin, & Tamyra)
S2: 4 (Ruben, Clay, Kimberley, & Josh)
S3: 4 (Fantasia, Diana, LaToya, & George)
S4: 3 (Carrie, Bo, & Constantine)
S5: 7 (Taylor, Katherine, Elliott, Chris, Kellie, Ace, & Bucky)
S6: 5 (Jordin, Blake, Melinda, Sanjaya, & Brandon)
S7: 2 (David Cook, & Carly)
S8: 3 (Kris, Danny, & Allison)
S9: 2 (Lee & Casey)
S10: 4 (Scotty, Lauren, James, & Pia)
S11: 4 (Jessica, Joshua, Skylar, & Colton)
S12: 3 (Candice, Kree, & Amber)
S13: 1 (Caleb)
S14: 2 (Nick & Clark)

Where's Haley and Casey? Do they have other commitments? Also is Caleb really the only representation for S13? The article does say "and many more" though.

Excited for JamesBig Grin
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
A song about her Idol experience

JAX - La La Land
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
First, that's actually a pretty good song.

Second, it does turn me off a little bit that she went after Idol. There's a lot wrong with that show, and I understand that. But the show was nice to Jax, and it gave her a platform. If Haley can stay classy, Jax can too.

As for Ameet, yea, she probably was beyond a lot of Idol voters. Clearly Avalon was too. And it's likely the other three were as well. It's just the reality of a confident current twenty year old woman on this show. Ironically, the show and voters (chicken and egg really) promoted contestants that are irrelevant to real world music.

Haley was lucky in that even though she was left of center, she was/is also authentically old school.

However, I think part of it is also Jimmy vs. Scott. I honestly, for a while, thought it was the judges picking talent..but it occurred to me, the music producers likely have a lot of influence over who is in the live shows. With Clive, there was always a few chosen ones and the rest were fodder..which helped get the winner wanted. Jimmy's seasons were always stacked with talent. Scott...talent has to sneak in there in order to be there.

I understand Scott's claim to fame is Taylor Swift, who when signed was not a great singer. (Or even a good one.) But she was (and still is) an incredible songwriter and took a lot of heat for her inability to sing and improved herself quite a bit. This isn't a songwriting competition, however.
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
In the description under the video on YT, Jax wrote this:
Quote:First of all, I just want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you SO much to everybody who has supported me throughout my psychotic journey. I know I've been MIA for a minute. Turns out I was going through a lot and I needed to collect my thoughts and write it all out on paper. So I did...And I was incredibly nervous about sharing this. It took a lot of courage to put this song out, because I have no idea how everyone will react. I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea. I am beyond grateful for my experience this past year. The love and support has been surreal and an absolute dream come true. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I've made the best friends, a whole new family, and most importantly I found all of you guys. You've helped me heal, you've inspired me to grow as an artist and a person, and you make me feel empowered. That being said, I feel that it's really important for me to be honest with all of you. To me, that's what art is. Honesty. So as we enter the new year, I want to share my story with all of you. It's the closest I can give you to a backstage pass. So before I move on and turn the page into my next chapter, I need this closure. I know not everyone will agree with me or like what I'm doing. But, I feel like God put me on this planet to make a difference...To make people think and see what the naked eye sometimes can't. It's my job as a songwriter to write from the real and not-so-comfortable places in my heart and I hope I can inspire other people to embrace their Broken Road. I love you guys and I owe you my world. Thank you for giving me this therapeutic opportunity. Onward and upward...To 2016.
This is my truth.

Lyndsey Parker article from January

Quote:Jax Throws Serious Shade at ‘American Idol’ in ‘La La Land’ Video

Wednesday’s American Idol Season 15 kick-off episode may have been a nostalgic affair, but last season’s third-placer, pop-rocker Jax, isn’t exactly feeling the love. The same day as Idol’s premiere, she released her debut video, “La La Land,” scathing sendup filled with pointed, not-so-subtle commentary about her own emotional Idol experience.

The video – which features cameos by Season 9’s Didi Benami and Jax’s Season 14 co-stars Rayvon Owen, Daniel Seavey, Michael Simeon, Adam Ezegelian, and Sal Valentinetti as micromanaging talent show stagehands – depicts Idol’s behind-the-scenes chaos. The most eyebrow-raising moments: when Jax is abruptly kicked off the set and escorted out by security (an obvious reference to the totally uncool and unceremonious way in which she was booted off the show last season), and a voiceover at the end that implies Season 14 was rigged and votes were tossed out....
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
The episodes I saw felt like it was more about making Season 14's Nick happen than it was to go out w/ a bang whilst celebrating Idol's past and the accomplishments of it's alumni....

To me, Nick is some dude...the way they've been promoting him only re enforced the perception that they're all about the White Guy With a Guitar (especially the way they've done nothing with their last woman/ethnic winner, Candace)...

If this is the way they want to go out, I'm glad Haley won't be at the Finale, and they'll do it without me (and I gather many more) watching....
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
Well, to be fair, Scott is running the show now, and he wasn't a part of signing Candice.

But in general, I'm sure they are just giving the remaining Demo what it wants. WGWG. Bleh.

It's just a shame that there were some really really talented women who auditioned..people who were relevant, knew who they were musically, who are marketable, and other than La'Porsha..we had a top 8 finish and the rest didn't make the top 24. When you are watching a talent show, it's just...silly.

I want to give credit to Trent though. Trent is likely to win..and it was likely always between him and Mackenzie. But Trent challenges himself vocally. He turns different genre'd songs into his own (and truly does it, he doesn't just make it acoustic and sing the harmony because he's incapable of singing the melody..) Is he amazing? No..but he's good. And he's trying to make himself better and earn his win.
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
As we all know JLo is saying stupid things all the time in her comments,but what I heard the past nights watching a TV promo in my country of AI season 15 deserves
the GRAMMY AWARD FOR STUPIDITY when she says"This is the best season of all
times"!!!!!!???? So if this is the best season¿How would she rate the S10?¿Perhaps an
AI season from the another planet?????
IMHO it is for all these things that this program was to fail among the other failures
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!
She knows better. She's being paid to hype this season up.

AI10 and AI11 had so much talent, that their 6-13 contestants are better than most season's 1-6.
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RE: American Idol 2016 - The end is nigh!


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