"MAD WORLD" with PMJ and Puddles the sad clown
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RE: New PMJ Video????
(10-13-2015, 06:17 PM)mercfan3 Wrote: The extra video does come up if you search Haley's name, but non official commercials come up first.

Maybe they added her name to search tags behind the video after all*.... I've wondered if what ever search algorithms Youtube uses also include a word coming up in a video's comments... in other words if it recognises if a bunch of comments include the search term, like "Haley Reinhart"?

*For those who don't have a Youtube account, one of the things you can do when you upload a video is add search terms, key words that will bring up your video when someone uses it,
Like when I post Haley's video, I usually post her name, other musicians she's performing with, the song, the venue, sometimes PMJ or "Listen Up!" or "American Idol"
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RE: New PMJ Video????
I think the level of Haley's PMJ involvement will have allot to do with her EP. Without an EP to promote, I would think her schedule will be more open for PMJ touring - so my bet is with a continued strong PMJ involvement for a while.

One thing we know about Ole is that after hearing about the EP for almost a year we really have no idea when/if it will be released...maybe sometime next year...just saying..
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RE: New PMJ Video????
(10-08-2015, 02:16 PM)john Wrote: I'd love to hear Haley do that song, but the guy just mentioned Casey so I'm thinking it was more like this:

I'd love to hear Haley do that song, and I'm thinking it could be more like this:
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RE: New PMJ Video????
Casey Singin' in the Rain "Umbrella"

Scott Bradlee closes the video with promo talk...and we get a glimpse of Casey's new instrument...his tap-dancing feet.
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RE: New PMJ Video????
I don't know quite what to say. I love Casey's talent but not this so much and it's not the song. I guess cheesy doesn't work for me but I am sure it does for others.
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RE: New PMJ Video????
(10-08-2015, 03:03 PM)Miguel Wrote: Perhaps they hung the curtain as a backdrop because it improves the acoustics.

Probably. With the hardwood floor and enclosed area it might have been a bit hollow sounding.
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RE: New PMJ Video????
I think for me that particular mashup has just been done too many times.
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RE: New PMJ Video????
The spacing between Haley's first five PMJ videos has averaged 53 days (42 if you include AATB). By tomorrow, it will have been 84 days since SNA. It's time.

While we're waiting...

With respect to Sophie Baker, a pretty cover by Lindsey Morano of Skeye.

Short wait. Thanks, khemari!
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RE: New PMJ Video????
Well, at least we can listen to it tonight.
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RE: New PMJ Video????
Quote:Scott Bradlee ‏@scottbradlee 4h4 hours ago
It's almost time.
@puddlespityp, meet @haleyreinhart.
#postmodernjukebox #TopHatOnFleek https://instagram.com/p/-rVE7rkw0v/

[Image: 12292617_1677848199138493_2040177078_n.jpg]

Just for the record, I was not snearing at the fabulous @haleyreinhart. This shot caught me in mid sniffle. Her awesomeness makes me misty.

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