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Songwriting collaborations beyond albums 1 & 2
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Songwriting collaborations beyond albums 1 & 2
Note from Miguel: Initial posts in this thread were split from "Ole signs Haley to New Worldwide Deal" thread.

Quote:Sophie Hintze ‏@sophiehintze 1h
Fun times with @HaleyReinhart @stevejamesDJ in the studio...great way to end this writing trip...till next time LAAAA

I noticed that Haley followed her on Instagram earlier in the Day. Turns out she's a BMG artist, which might have been why Haley was at BMG the other day Tongue

[Image: ?format=700w]
(check out her cover of Jethro Tull's Locomotive Breath)
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RE: Ole signs Haley to New Worldwide Deal! New EP!
Quote:2014 was a fabulous year for 17-year-old Setauket resident Sophie Hintze. After a culmination of artistic sufferings and successes, the Ward Melville High School senior was recently courted and signed as a singer/songwriter by BMG Chrysalis, an international company focusing on the management of music publishing and recording rights.

“Sophie is the youngest person that I have committed to. This girl has it!” said Kris Muñoz, senior director, business & legal affairs for BMG Chrysalis. Muñoz continued, “We need to have folks with drive, energy and work ethic. Sophie has all of this and more!” Through a journey that began at home in Setauket, continued at school, and branched out into the world of theater and jazz performances in New York City, Hintze has reached a place most 17-year- olds only dream of.

With the loving support of her parents, sister and others, she began her job with BMG, a company that will nurture her full potential as a songwriter and singer. Dina LaPolt, of LaPolt Law in Los Angeles, who represents Hintze and artists such as Steven Tyler, Mick Fleetwood and Deadmau5, brought Hintze to the attention of music companies after hearing her song, “Better Off Alone.” LaPolt remarked upon meeting Hintze, “She has a star quality that is not something that comes lightly. It has only happened a few times in my career,” similar to when she met Stacy Ann Ferguson, better known as Fergie.

... in the summer of 2013, she was singing at Frank Melville Memorial Park during one of its Wind Down Sundays concerts, and songwriter/producer Anthony D’Erasmo approached Hintze and asked if she would be interested in recording some of her music. It was during this time she wrote and recorded “Better Off Alone,” a song that became the catalyst for her new career.

This valuable song, which Hintze copyrighted, became the center of a dispute with a music library. The Hintzes reached out to LaPolt for guidance. LaPolt gave them advice, and as an aside, Sophie e-mailed her the recording of “Better Off Alone.” That was the spark that ignited all that was to follow. LaPolt said, “I was like, this is an amazing song!” After sending the song to a few colleagues in the business, it landed in the hands of Kris Muñoz, who said to LaPolt, “Don’t send that song to anyone else!” While LaPolt had other offers for Hintze, a choice was made and Thomas Scherer, executive vice president of writer services at BMG, flew out to the BMG offices in New York City to meet with Hintze.

Scherer echoed the thoughts of both LaPolt and Muñoz, “She has tremendous star quality!” BMG was ready to make a commitment to this young songwriter, to work with her to develop her talents. In August of 2014, Hintze found herself at the offices of BMG in Los Angeles overlooking the Hollywood Hills, where she signed her contract as both a songwriter and an artist.

“We want Sophie to develop into a normal human being,” said Muñoz, referring to Hintze finishing high school and attending college in September at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

BMG’s Muñoz said, “We want to take Sophie’s existing talent and see how she blossoms.” The process involves introducing her to writers and producers to see what kind of music she can produce for other artists.

A bit of "Better Off Alone" here:

December 2014:
Quote: Thomas Scherer, EVP Writer Services at BMG, commented: "Sophie is authentic, eager and tremendously talented in writing songs which deeply touch our souls. She lives for music, and we will work to bring her music to a wide audience." Kris Muñoz, Senior Director, Business & Legal Affairs at BMG Chrysalis US, added: "Sophie Hintze is the exception to the norm for a singer/songwriter of only 17 years old. She has a genuine depth in her writing and performances, reminiscent of some of music's greats. We at BMG are very happy to have the chance to support Sophie at such an early stage of her career as a writer and artist."
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01-21-2016, 02:26 AM
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RE: Ole signs Haley to New Worldwide Deal! New EP!
It seems like BMG overlaps a lot with ole in their business model.

Some examples...

Quote:Our team of international synch and music supervisor experts offers free music search and advice across our whole 2 million strong catalog. Fresh, innovative thinking to give you that all-important artistic and commercial edge.
Quote:Synchronization licensing

75-strong, our international synch team pitch, promote and license your music for use in film, trailers, video games, commercials or web videos.

Quote:ole ... controls a catalog of over 50,000 songs and 60,000 hours of TV/Film music across all genres. ...
Quote:Synchronization License

A synchronization license (also called a "synch" license) is needed to synchronize music with a video image. This includes using an ole composition in Film, TV, Commercials, Video/DVD, Videogames, Trailers/Promos, etc

Quote:One stop licensing

Imagine being able to license publishing and recording in a single, simple deal. With no walls between publishing and recorded music at, now you can. From Katrina and the Waves, to Blondie we give you a range of one stop licensing options.

Quote:ole is a rights management expert and has concluded worldwide publishing administration agreements, AV Secondary Rights and/or YouTube/Online Collection deals with some of the world's leading songwriters, publishers and film and television producers. ole remains committed to transparent client reporting practices and leading edge IT including best in class online account portals and proprietary, real-time revenue tracking and analytics.

Quote:We'll get you in touch

Yes, we’ll introduce your music to the industry’s leading artists, A&R staff, managers and producers. Yes, we’ll connect you with other great songwriters for unique global co-writing opportunities.

Quote:ole is committed to the creative development of its 100+ staff songwriters, legacy writers and composers and adding value to our catalogs and client catalogs. ...
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RE: Ole signs Haley to New Worldwide Deal! New EP!

Steve James:

Quote:From humble beginnings in the small town of Johnstown Pennsylvania, Stephen Philibin aka Steve James is kicking off 2016 with a head of steam, having charted at #1 on Hype Machine 5x & amassed 20 million+ online plays all by the age of 17. The budding DJ/producer spent this past summer in the studio working on his artist project, which was highlighted by a co-writing/production credit on the title track of Justin Bieber’s return album, “Purpose”.

His breakout single ‘Renaissance’ debuted at #1 on Spotify’s US + Global Viral 50 with over 5 million streams in less than a month, and has since been upstreamed to Ultra/Sony Music. Classically trained on the piano, and with a finely tuned ear for unique productions, Steve now resides in Los Angeles pursuing his young artist career.

He's 17:

Quote:Steve James seems almost like a normal high school kid. He has a girlfriend. He's quick to use his easy, carefree laugh. In June, when he moved from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, to L.A., he discovered — and got hooked on — Thai food.

And not too long ago, he co-produced the title track on Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose — an album which also happened to debut in the No. 1 slot on Billboard's U.S. album chart.

...The fact that James went into music is no surprise to anyone that knows him. He grew up in a musical family, playing classical piano. “My mom was a church musician and her dad was a band [teacher], and they started me off learning piano when I was three or four,” he explains.

At first, it was Bach and Mozart. A foray into synth-pop with Owl City’s “Firefly.” But like any little brother, James was drawn to his older sibling’s tastes.

“My older brother worked in Miami a lot back then, and he’d come back listening to electronic music. It was big down there, not like in Johnstown,” James says. “It was my introduction to progressive house. I heard songs like Alesso’s ‘Pressure,’ and I learned that DJs don’t just DJ — they produce.”

James got his first computer when he was “like, twelve and half,” and has been toying with producing ever since. At 14, he saw an Avicii show with his brother. “I said to him, ‘This is what I want to do. I’m doing this.’”

...His hard work got him noticed by the Chainsmokers, who brought him along as an opener for several dates on their Friendzone tour this year. And of course there’s the whole Bieber thing, which James is equally nonchalant about.

“I was working with Jeremy Snyder just on my own music, and one night he invited over Poo Bear, who wrote a lot of stuff for Bieber’s album. Poo Bear liked what I was working on, and when we got together later that week we made ‘Purpose.’” Simple as that.

So someone may be pairing Haley with a talented 18-yr-old writer and a talented 17-yr-old producer. If it's to produce material for her, this could be an exciting development.

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RE: Ole signs Haley to New Worldwide Deal! New EP!
Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏@HaleyReinhart 4m4 minutes ago
@sophiehintze @stevejamesDJ Yay! Great meetin you two. Take care until next time!

Quote:RENAISSANCE Retweeted
Kap Slap ‏@KapSlap 2h2 hours ago Los Angeles, CA
the unspoken apology. @justinbieber vs @selenagomez vs @stevejamesDJ - same old sorry (Kap slap remix)

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[Image: 12749809_998586483550250_2097140035_n.jpg]

Grammy weekend is well underway in Los Angeles with ole's@randallfoster, @aprilgeesbreght, @haleyreinhart, and ole's John Ozier. #oleallday #wearemusic #grammys2016 #olefamily
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Songwriting collaborations/credits beyond albums 1 & 2
Quote:Just Me! ‏@mf8s Feb 2

@PJHaleyR "Goods" robkleiner HaleyReinhart good to me.

Quote:PJ ‏@PJHaleyR Feb 2

@mf8s found another

"Poster Child"
Writers: Haley Reinhart, Timothy Bloom, April Geesbreght

Quote:June 09, 2015 10:00 ET

ole Inks Publishing Deal With Chart-Topping Songwriter April Geesbreght

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE--(Marketwired - June 9, 2015) -

ole, the world's fastest growing independent rights management company, has signed multi-genre songwriter April Geesbreght to a worldwide publishing deal. Currently based in Nashville, she wrote CCM artist Aaron Shust's "My Hope Is in You," which spent 14 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Christian chart. She has also written songs in the pop, country, and children's genres in addition to tracks for TV and film projects.

"April is a great addition to the ole roster who can write just about anything for just about any artist," said John Ozier, General Manager of Creative in Nashville for ole. "We pride ourselves on helping songwriters take their careers to the next level, and we're excited to work with April to put her music in front of as many people as possible."

"I am thrilled to be joining arms with the ole team," said Geesbreght. "John, Emily and Ben have a love of music that goes beyond business. I'm very grateful for their belief in what I do and so pumped to chase and catch some dreams together."

Geesbreght got her start at age 16, recording and releasing her first EP with producer, artist, and songwriter K.S. Rhodes. Over the next 10 years, she released three full-length albums and another EP with her eponymous pop/rock band before moving to Nashville in 2010. Since then, Geesbreght has written cuts such as "Dance Hall" by Danielle Bradbery, "Parachute" by Kris Allen, "Heart Tells Your Head" by Tim Halperin, and "A Little Bit of Wonderful" and "Hate That I Still Love You" by Kristy Cox. She is currently writing with Maggie Chapman, Tiffany Vartanyan, Ellee Duke, Lauren Alaina, and Cassadee Pope for their upcoming projects.
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04-13-2017, 04:40 PM
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new music development - post HR3
At this point in time, it's doubtful this is for HR3 seeing as we got word from Harry that all the audio is ready to go...but...


Working on a REAL nice one with @haleyreinhart and @her0ism today!
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04-13-2017, 04:45 PM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2017 05:00 PM by Miguel.)
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RE: new music development - post HR3
her0ism (born January 2, 1982) is a Japanese record producer and songwriter, based in Tokyo and LA.

Since 2007 -- has sold over 30 million units and received over 45 #1 records, 100+ Platinum/Gold Awards globally

A quick Google search doesn't show a connecton between him and Ole, but an Instagram post he made in Febtuary says "#59thgrammys" and shows him in front of Ole branding:

week-old interview with him beginning at the 11:20 mark:

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04-13-2017, 05:05 PM
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RE: new music development - post HR3
apparently connected to Ole...he's on the Right

[Image: 16585557_644939442374527_9216058201470926848_n.jpg]
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