Haley as Songwriter
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Haley as Songwriter
As a songwriter Haley has acheived her biggest score yet so I thought it would be fitting to have a place for songs she has written that are performed by other artists.

The song All You Gotta Do off the album TINI by Martina Stoessel was cowritten by Haley Reinhart, Justin Johnson, Candy Shields & James Wong.


Spanish version
Sólo Dime Tu
Haley Reinhart / Justin Johnson / Candy Shields / James Wong

This album is charting worldwide.

@TiniStoessel has 1.52 million twitter followers

Tini played Violetta in a Latin American Disney television production that has been very successful in numerous countries across the world.
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RE: Haley as Songwriter
The YT videos of the song All you Gotta Do in its English and Spanish (Sólo Dime Tu) versions performed by Martina Stoessel have gained more than 280K views since their upload on 29 April.

Quote:perfecta canción!
(perfect song)

Quote:la amo esta canción
(I love this song)
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RE: Haley as Songwriter
Candy Shields is based in LA. She was at the -ole- urban songwriting camp Haley attended, but the other two don't appear to have been there.

There's a James Wong that has songwriting credit for "Company" on Justin Bieber's "comeback" album, Purpose.

Quote:Justin Bieber’s “Company” jumps from No. 10 to No. 1 on the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks chart (dated April 23), becoming his fourth chart-topper from his Purpose album.

Too many Justin Johnsons to sort them out. Though the top result seems to be a blues guitarist/songwriter out of Nashville: https://www.facebook.com/JustinJohnsonLive/
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RE: Haley as Songwriter
I'm gonna tuck this Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) event in here...

Quote:May 19, 2016
Time: 11:30 am - 1:45 pm

So, You're A Songwriter .... ??

A candid discussion with some cool songwriters.

What are the creative and business challenges songwriters face today where “frankenwriting” is becoming a new industry custom, streaming is the predominant form of exploitation, and 75% of songwriter’s income in the U.S. is regulated by the government through outdated consent decrees and antiquated provisions of the Copyright Act? These songwriters discuss the challenges of being a successful songwriter in this “new music business” and what they are doing to overcome the challenges.


Vincent L. Berry II

Michelle Lewis

Haley Reinhart

Priscilla Renea
Songwriter/Recording Artist



Dina LaPolt, Esq.
Attorney, LaPolt Law PC




Quote:The Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP) was formed in 1977 by a group of Los Angeles music publishers, and has local chapters in Los Angeles, New York and Nashville. The organization's primary focus is to educate and inform music publishers about the most current industry trends and practices by providing a forum for the discussion of the issues and problems confronting the music publishing industry.

The AIMP provides a unique medium for those in the music industry to discuss with their colleagues various points of view from the cutting edge of the ever-changing music business. The opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with others on issues of mutual concern is fostered by the informal atmosphere of the AIMP's monthly meetings, forums, and workshops.

The AIMP includes in its membership not only independent music publishers, but those publishers that are affiliated with record labels or motion picture and television production companies. In addition, individuals from other areas of the entertainment community, such as motion picture, television, multimedia and home video producers, the record industry, music licensing and supervision, songwriters, artist managers and members of the legal and accounting professions are active in the AIMP.
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RE: Haley as Songwriter
Glad to see Haley is involved with this group and participating on the panel. She continues to round out her experience and the rights of the songwriter remains an issue where laws have not caught up with all the changes in the music industry. It is good business for her to be involved.

Priscilla Renea has written some pretty successful songs. I wonder if this one exceeded her expectatons.
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RE: Haley as Songwriter
Quote:LaPolt Law ‏@LaPoltLaw 13m13 minutes ago
.@dinalapolt @HaleyReinhart @mlewey & @EKiddBogart speaking on "Frankenwriting" and songwriters' rights cc @AIMPorg

[Image: Ci2EEfjUoAANbW5.jpg]

Quote:LaPolt Law liked your Tweet
2m: I read an article recently that "Frankenwriting" is the practice of using teams of writers to write pop songs

Ole's Instagram
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RE: Haley as Songwriter
I headed over to the AIMP website to read about the event - they had a nice write up on Haley
Quote:Haley Reinhart, 25, is a singer/songwriter who released her new album, Better in 2016 – the follow up release to 2012’s Interscope Records debut, which debuted at #17 on the Billboard 200 chart, while her recent single “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” was featured in the popular Extra gum commercial “The Story of Sarah and Juan.” The single also sold 201,000 units (and counting), amassed 17 million Spotify streams, and reached #1 on Spotify’s Global viral chart in 2015. In 2015, Reinhart premiered cover songs with YouTube sensation Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox which have amassed over 50 million video views to date. In addition to singing, Reinhart made her voiceover debut in 2015 as a little boy named Bill in the Netflix original animated series F Is for Family, produced by Bill Burr, Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsly, and Michael Price. In 2011, she competed on Season 10 on American Idol, eventually finishing in third place. Since then, she has seen her songs featured in a variety of other TV and film projects, including Gossip Girls, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol, James Cameron’s HBO documentary series Years of Living Dangerously, a recent Chase Bank commercial, and the film Step Up Revolution, as well as network promos for Lifetime and ABC.
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RE: Haley as Songwriter
Quote:Erin Hines ‏@ErinHinesLIVE 1h1 hour ago
@HaleyReinhart Congrats on your nomination: 'Best Artist-Sync Tie-In' #WomeninStncAwards @ExtraGum @womeninmusicorg @SyncSummit #ArtistLive
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RE: Haley as Songwriter
Acapella cover of song that Haley co-wrote by a German Martina Stoessel fan.

Off topic but here is Tini's rendition of Imagine
Quote:Martina Stoessel plays "Imagine" by John Lennon and excited during and after the show before 250,000 people in the first tinista meeting in Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Google translation

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RE: Haley as Songwriter
Credit airhigh:

Looks like Haley has another song writing credit that's been recorded and now is available on iTunes....

From Figure8's Haley Times

Quote:Let Yourself Be Beautiful by Haley Reinhart, Brian Kennedy, and Bobby Hamrick

Bobby Hamrick is credited in the description of the video (Nashville song writer) I had to double check to see if Haley also had credit for the song and didn't just sing the demo.

Bright side is Haley's music is selling = Royalties, more credit as a song writer, spreads to other artist's ears as well as the Music Industry.....also means there's an outside chance Haley will cover Lena singing Haley's song (Let Yourself Be Beautiful) sometime in the future Wink

(BTW... Lena has sung w/ PMJ and has a number one album in the Netherlands which includes Casey playing on a track Cool )

"Let Yourself Be Beautiful" is on this Acoustic EP

Quote:Casey Abrams @CaseyBassy
Congratulations @JennieLenaMusic I'm happy to be on this Album with you! #1 In Netherlands! Go check it out!

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