Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days
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RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days
Haley Reinhart to headline at Buffalo Grove Days

Quote:Singer/songwriter Haley Reinhart, who came to national fame as a finalist on season 10 of “American Idol,” will headline at Buffalo Grove Days on Sat., Sept. 3, 2016. Buffalo Grove, located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, is holding the Labor Day weekend festival at Mike Rylko Park on Sept. 1-5, 2016.

It is a homecoming of sorts for Haley Reinhart, who was born in Wheeling, Ill. Reinhart will perform on the Buffalo Grove Days main stage at 9 p.m., along with her family’s band, Midnight Band.

Reinhart’s parents, Patti and Harry Reinhart, have performed in The Midnight Band for 30 years. Haley and her younger sister have been included in the band, giving them experience in performing a variety of musical styles on stage. Her parents have diverse musical taste, so Reinhart has been influenced be a variety of genres, including rock, pop, jazz, funk, and the blues.

Haley competed in “American Idol” in 2011 and placed third, following Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. She occasionally collaborates and performs with fellow “Idol” alumni and “best friend” Casey Abrams, who shares her love of jazz music.

Reinhart is touring to promote her new album, Better. Later in Sept., the singer will travel to Europe to perform in concerts in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, and in Scandinavian countries.

Buffalo Grove Days features entertainment on the main stage on Fri., Sat., and Sun., The lineup includes Mason Rivers (7 p.m.) and 7th Heaven (9 p.m.) on Fri., Soulified (7:30 p.m.) and Haley Reinhart with Midnight Band (9 p.m.) on Sat., and Boy Band Review (7:15 p.m.) and Heartache Tonight Eagles Tribute Band (9 p.m.) on Sun.

There have been some changes for this year’s Buffalo Grove Days, which is being held at Rylko Park for the first time this year. Because of the change in location, they will not hold a fireworks show this year.

Buffalo Grove Days offers entertainment and activities for the entire family, so it is family-friendly. The festival offers carnival rides, a great selection of food from local vendors, walk-around entertainment, and games. The Buffalo Grove Labor Day Parade will start at 11 a.m. on Sun., Sept. 4.
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RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days
I assume the BG Days organizers would require Haley & the fam to ride in the parade motorcade as part of the contract at 11 am Sunday like they did last time she performed there. 4 of us Haliens will be playing golf then so this would give the others an event in lieu of golfing.
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RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days
Tryin to get back in the game...

Here's my post about the show!
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RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days
Should be fabulous weather this weekend for BG Days/Shindig. Unlike the weekend of Durty Nellies.
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RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days
Quote:Dan Fearn
2 mins · Buffalo Grove Days

I will be guesting tonight with the lovely Haley Reinhart & Midnight Band at Buffalo Grove Days 9pm tonight!!!!

He plays the guitar and violin.

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RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days
DromMomma's Periscope of the show:

Quote:Mark Kowalsky
20 mins ·

Haley Reinhart took 3rd place on American Idol a short few years ago and after seeing her live performance in Buffslo Grove tonight it's hard to believe she did not finish higher. She is a major talent with a voice from the heavens who performs her own original material, she is destined for greatness

Quote:Dan Fearn
1 hr ·

Wow! We'll be up next, the headliner! Haley Reinhart with Midnight Band!!!

view from the cheap seats:

Quote:Dan Fearn

I have some adrenaline flowing!!! Can you tell yet? Lol

Quote:George Polakoff
32 mins · Buffalo Grove, IL ·

Watching Haley, Rinhart, The winner of American Idol a few, yrs ago
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RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days
Haley & Angie's Duet...The Beatles classic "I Will" (Love You Forever) at Buffalo Grove Days (the sequel):
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RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days
Hello fellow Haliens! First time poster here, although truth be told, I've probably been one of the most frequent lurkers on this site since its inception. I finally registered a couple of months ago, but have obviously been slow to post. I felt that needed to change tonight, since I just got home from Haley's BG Days 2 concert, and my adreneline is still pumping. This is actually my 4th time seeing Haley live, (BG Days 1 three years ago, PMJ in Chicago last fall, her Chicago Lincoln Hall concert in June, and then tonight). I'm already counting the minutes until I see her again in October with PMJ in Rosemont, IL. (Which isn't offically confirmed yet, but it's basically in her hometown. She just has to be here. Doesn't she?)

Each time I see Haley live, I figure this is about as good as it can ever get, and then I see her again and realize how wrong I was. I'm not sure how she does it, but this girl just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER! (Pun intended.)

Tonight's concert was absolutely AMAZING!!! Haley just seems so polished and professional on stage these days. She had the crowd eating out of her hand from the first note to the last. (Which even after an hour and 45 minute set, came WAY too quickly for me.) I wish it could have lasted all night, and I'm guessing the several thousand people that were there with me probably wished the same. Midnight sounded fantastic as usual, and I loved the addition of the saxaphone, trumpet and violin players. For those that couldn't experience this fabulous night in person, you're in for a real treat when Tusk gets a chance to post his always amazing videos.

Incidentally for Tusk, I'm the guy that briefly introduced myself to you at Lincoln Hall and then again tonight. I was sitting about 10 feet in front of where you set up to record tonight's show. I'm guessing you're going to have some great video and audio based on the spot you selected. Can't wait to see and hear your videos so that I can relive this night over and over again! Many thanks for all you do so that Haliens everywhere can experience her truly incredible talent.

I could probably go on raving about HER for a few more hours, but I see that it's rapidly approaching 2:30 a.m., and I'm supposed to be getting up early tomorrow (or I guess I should say today) to head to a friends house in Wisconsin. Before i go, I want to say a huge "Thank you" to everyone that's been active on this forum over the years. I've enjoyed following Haley's exploits through your eyes, and am sorry that I took soooooo long to join the party. Thrilled to finally be here now though. Can't wait to celebrate with you all when Haley wins her first of what will undoubtedly be many Grammys! Til then, cheers to HER and cheers to all of you! Thanks for letting me join the party!
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RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days
Haley...You really "Showed Me Your Moves" last night!!:
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RE: Chicago, IL -- Sept 3rd, 2016 -- Haley performing at BG Days
Thanks for checking in ChiTown. Sounds like it was a great show.

Quote:Jennifer Hansen shared Haley Reinhart's live video.

My battery died before Haley Reinhart came on so I didn't get to take any pics or videos. I already knew she could sing from her days on American Idol but she far exceeded my expectations. I had a great time in the presence of a real artist with raw talent. No auto tune needed for that girl. Fun concert, for free! Smile This is (an older) video from her FB in case you want to check her out.

Quote:Kathy Campbell
3 hrs ·

Haley Reinhart rocked Buffalo Grove last was a great time!!

Quote:Eddie Foltz added 4 new photos.
9 hrs · Chicago, IL ·

Soulified had such a blast, opening for Haley Reinhart. Her and her band are absolutely amazing. Steven Tyler said it right, she is a superstar!!!!

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