Clever video remarks about Haley
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RE: Clever video remarks about Haley
Quote:Charles Tarr13 hours ago

Love this girl. Got stuck watching American Idol her season and followed her ever since. I really like this simple working girl look. It is so Haley. She keeps plugging away working her craft excellently and for her she's about the work and not about being an attention whore like so many. For some reason she seems to have to work hard like a tough person from icy cold- hearted Chicago can, hitting quite a few home runs. She's building character that will lead to lasting success in something more substantiative and enduring than pop. A real success story in the making.Big GrinBig Grin

From Creep PMJ
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RE: Clever video remarks about Haley
From PMJ Creep

Quote:Peter Rolt 4 hours ago
I was completely spellbound for every enchanting second of that truly mesmerizing performance.
One of the single greatest videos I have found after years of trawling YouTube.

Comment on TOTS from Trevor
Quote:Trevor Morris
4 days ago
I'm with you there about "covers". Who cares who wrote the song, or first recorded it? This idea that the singers should write their own songs is comparatively recent. Elvis, Jerry Lee, Little Richard and Fats Domino did no writing to speak of. Go further back. Who's ever heard of a song written by Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra or Billy Holiday? Song writers wrote songs, and singers sang them. When I was young, I never heard the term "cover" being used, though I knew that Carl Perkins had written "Blue Suede Shoes" and recorded it before Presley, but nobody called Presley's version a cover. "Hound Dog" is another Presley hit that had originally been recorded (and apparently was a minor hit a few years previously) by Big Mama Thornton . (It's worth listening to on YT). Nobody called it a cover.

Haley's "covers" are generally better than the originals because she is a far better singer than most of the original singers. A simple fact. However, people often have sentimental attachments to original versions, or they like the backings. So far I've not preferred a single original to her version except, perhaps Radiohead's "Black Hole Sun" which I liked pretty well as much as Haley's PMJ version.
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RE: Clever video remarks about Haley
On my Wonderland LA Video the day it was posted... I thought it 'pin' worthy Cool

Quote:Nightingale99 2 days ago
her voice reminds me of pink bubbles floating up into the sunny sky
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RE: Clever video remarks about Haley
On the PMJ version of "Creep"


Jack T

Her voice is as smooth as a knife blade and as rough as a chainsaw. It's nice
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RE: Clever video remarks about Haley
Quote:The genie has officially left the bottle...
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RE: Clever video remarks about Haley
On my just posted video of Haley singing "Sunny Afternoon" in Seattle Big Grin

Tuskin' on an evening of the wintertime.
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RE: Clever video remarks about Haley
On PMJ Euro tour France, Haley singing, Oops I Did It Again
Quote:Kristian Rogers8 minutes ago

My deserted island survival pack, beer, chips and Haley clips.
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RE: Clever video remarks about Haley
Oops I did it again w/ PMJ from Clermont-Ferrand

Quote:Thank you God! I'm really thank you for Haley's life. She's the proof then You exist.
P.S. I'm still atheist.
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RE: Clever video remarks about Haley
Quote:demopobre @wtvric 1h1 hour ago
Haley Reinhart é uma mulher que eu sinceramente duvido que não seja um holograma ou um robô ou um alienígena porque
meu deus

Quote:Haley Reinhart is a woman I sincerely doubt (hope?) is not a hologram or a robot or an alien because
my God
a woman
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RE: Clever video remarks about Haley
Wild Horses Tongue

Quote:I can't believe those great interviews were interrupted with that song

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