Fall Tour Dates (2017)
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RE: Fall Tour Dates
Quote:Haley Reinhart ‏Verified account
Only 3 shows left... #Baltimore come on out to @BmoreSoundstage tomorrow night! And if you purchase at this link, buy one ticket for yourself & get one free for your friend ---> http://Haley.ae/WTSTourBaltimore

To me this lends more plausibility to the hypothesis that her show was cancelled due to low ticket sales.
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RE: Fall Tour Dates
(11-13-2017, 08:16 PM)john Wrote: To me this lends more plausibility to the hypothesis that her show was cancelled due to low ticket sales.

I called the Fillmore and asked if they could give me an explanation for the cancellation and they said they couldn't share that. I do agree this is the most plausible explanation although I am surprised as I've seen her twice locally, once at the Hamilton 'Better' show and once with Dave Damiani, and both shows were packed. I thought the DC area was a pretty robust Halien enclave. Also IMHO the Fillmore is a nicer venue than the Soundstage although I've only been to each one time. I think they did do the BOGO offer for the week before at the Fillmore.

As far as going to Baltimore tomorrow, part of my disappointment is that I postponed a business trip by a day to go to the Silver Spring show. I will be going to Baltimore tomorrow but it will be to the airport to get on a plane to LA in the afternoon. 'No soup for me' this time.
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RE: Fall Tour Dates
Sorry things didn't go as planned, popfly.

I don't know how the math works out. I imagine an artist has to guarantee so much in ticket sales, but there must also be a penalty for cancellation. The Internet says the Fillmore has a capacity of 2,000. That would be a tall order to fill. Especially on a Monday night. The other venue apparently has 1,000 seats and is an all-ages show. Even that seems large based on the crowd in Minneapolis. And no opening acts to help push ticket sales?

It's possible a promoter canceled the show. Found this.

The Fillmore is a LiveNation venue. A Feb 2017 filing by them states:

Quote:Typically, to initiate live entertainment events or tours, booking agents directly contract with performers to represent them for defined periods. Booking agents then contact promoters, who will contract with them or directly with performers to arrange events. Booking agents generally receive fixed or percentage fees from performers for their services. Promoters earn revenue primarily from the sale of tickets. Performers are paid by the promoter under one of several different formulas, which may include fixed guarantees and/or a percentage of ticket sales or event profits. In addition, promoters may also reimburse performers for certain costs of production, such as sound and lights. Under guaranteed payment formulas, promoters assume the risks of unprofitable events. Promoters may renegotiate lower guarantees or cancel events because of insufficient ticket sales in order to reduce their losses. Promoters can also reduce the risk of losses by entering into global or national touring agreements with performers and including the right to offset lower performing shows with higher performing shows on the tour in the determination of overall artist fees.


From an article about the opening of the Fillmore:
Quote:"Historically, competition between promoters leads to higher ticket prices for consumers," Budnick said. Promoters will try to top each other with offers for touring acts, and "a higher advance comes with a higher ticket price."

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RE: Fall Tour Dates
Dylan was the opening act.

Quote:‎Gabrielle Ellaine Miller‎ to Dylan Chambers
45 mins · Baltimore, MD ·

Dude, you KILLED it! What an awesome performance tonight at Soundstage. Glad to have heard you tonight opening for Haley Reinhart

Quote:Dylan Chambers‏ @dylan_chambers

A huge thank you to @HaleyReinhart for allowing me to open for her tonight here in Baltimore. She knows how I feel about her already so need to get mushy on here.... Okay, now let’s go kill your set, Ms. Reinhart! JAYYYUM.
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RE: Fall Tour Dates
She let Jacob on the Better tour, nice of her to give Dylan the spotlight Cool

You know, w/o ISCAT's video to cut into these, the videos wouldn't be as good or fun to edit... kudos to him Big Grin
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RE: Fall Tour Dates
Quote:Dylan Chambers shared Leslie Weitzman Zwi's live video.

Our opening act tonight in Baltimore canceled so Haley asked me to open the show before we went out as a group. It was a night I’ll never forget. I love my tour family and I’m so grateful for these times. Only 2 shows left.

1:15 vid: https://www.facebook.com/lwzwi/videos/10...weV1cuaprE
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RE: Fall Tour Dates
Quote:Haley Reinhart
5 mins ·
This tour is flyyyying by... as many great things in life tend to do. Two shows left! Appreciate all the stops along the way, all the beautiful souls I've met, & The Boys right here for making the stage our sanctuary. ☮️ #whatsthatsound #ustour #baltimore you were a hype crowd last night! #boston & #philly too, thank you all for coming! ✌️✨ Next stop, tomorrow night in #charolette #nc @fillmorenc!
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RE: Fall Tour Dates
Quote:Jaron Strom is at The Underground at the Fillmore Charlotte.

Awesome news guys! I’ll be opening for Haley Rinehart tomorrow at The Underground!!! I’ll have a 30 minute set from 7-730pm so make sure to grab your tickets and come listen to some great music! Also following this show I’ll be singing with my band Minutes and Years at Queen Park Social at 8!!!
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RE: Fall Tour Dates
Jaron Strom

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RE: Fall Tour Dates
I've posted 7 songs from LA, so enough to create a Playlist. I removed them from the first Playlist, which will now be just the mic check songs, of which there are 10...

#WhatsThatSound? Los Angeles playlist

#WhatsThatSound? Tour (Mic Check) performances playlist

Initially, I think the LA shows will have my best audio, because I have the phone mic pointed at the stage. When I attached the iPhone to the top of my camera, the bottom mics are pointed to my left, which might be a reason, Dylan's guitar is so prominent in the audios of both San Diego & Portland...

(I haven't listened much to SF, Seattle or Chicago...as honestly, I've got alot of video to go through and I'd rather listen to them when I feel like working on them Tongue Besides, don't forget, I still haven't completed all the performances from Europe yet Blush )

I think next video I post will be from Berlin (Ville, the fan from Finland who gave me the great close up video and is also part of an Elvis Fan club up there, asked that I hold off on posting CHFIL til last.... since I've started posting WTS vids, I don't want him to think I've forgotten to post CHFIL from Berlin for him )

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