Haley to appear on TinyRoom (a Greg Spero project)
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Haley to appear on TinyRoom (a Greg Spero project)
Quote:Greg Spero is with Tom Quest.
36 mins ·

Tonight, I will perform on Saturday Night Live with Halsey. This pinnacle performance will mark the end of my tenure with this incredible project.

Three years ago, I started with a small artist named Halsey. Since then, I have supported the project through its rise, designing all the sounds for the live synth, bass, and keyboard parts, and performing them at every show for the past 3 years. I have been with Halsey from our our first show to 80 people in Los Angeles, to now having played six of the seven continents, and every major arena in the USA. It was my father’s dream to play Madison Square Garden. We sold it out as a headliner, and played it 3 times since then.

Tonight after SNL, I am taking my leave. I have dedicated my time, energy, and heart to the rise of this project, and have seen the effects on a scale more massive than I could have predicted. At this point, I have done all I can for the project, and my other projects are quickly finding their own inclines and becoming more demanding of my focus.

I have started a new web series that shines a spotlight on the chemistry that can occur between the most talented of this generation’s pop artists and the most brilliant of this generation’s jazz artists. The series, called Tiny room (www.tinyroom.live), has recorded our first episode with Trevor Dahl of Cheat Codes, and is scheduled for 2018 to include Lauren Jauregui, Haley Reinhart, and many other incredible pop artists. The first episode can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/J_hVAkfAAUI and the later episodes will be broadcast on Quincy Jones’ new jazz channel Qwest TV.

Spirit Fingers (formerly known as Polyrhythmic) is releasing our first album on March 16 of this year. We have the support of Shanachie Records, and have prepared this ship to start its maiden voyage during 2018.

My studio in Los Angeles is fully built out into a creative powerhouse for all my work in both the jazz and the pop worlds (www.tinyroom.org).

And lastly, I have found new talent who deserves my support. It is rare that you find young artists with the qualities it takes to do something that the world notices, but I have found at least one, and have my eyes wide open for artists to add to my roster.

The people working with Halsey are some of the most entrepreneurial, brilliant minds I have had the opportunity to call my colleagues. I will miss them dearly as I move on, and I am excited to involve them in my future endeavors. I have been behind the scenes since day one with Ashley Frangipane, and can tell you that she deserves every ounce of success she has received.

So with that, I invite you to keep me in your peripheral vision. You will see some exciting things manifest in the near future. I will be keeping everyone posted via Facebook, twitter (@gregspero), instagram (@gregspero), and my mailing list (http://www.gregspero.com/contact).

Thank you to the Halsey camp, my friends and family who have supported me on this wild journey, and to each of you for staying engaged with my world as it grows into….well, I guess we’ll all see.

Greg Spero
Pianist/Composer: Spirit Fingers
Founder/CEO: Tiny Room

First episode...

Feat. Trevor Dahl (Cheat Codes)
Feat. Sarah McTaggart (Transviolet)

Quote:Trevor Dahl‏Verified account @TrevorDahl

we (Cheat Codes) were nominated for 2 i heart radio music awards ✌? dance artist of the year, dance song of the year. that is unreal. love alll of ya so much for voting.

Quote:Small in stature, Ms. McTaggart is huge on keeping it real. So, despite scoring envy-inducing Spotify streams of more than 2 million and counting for “Girls Your Age,” and huge big-ups from the likes of Harry Styles, it’s all very much a case of “business as usual” for her and bandmates Mike Panek (bass/keyboards), Judah McCarthy (guitar/vocals) and Jon Garcia (drums).

So they're both pop artists. The jazz artists then are the musicians?

He calls the video an "episode," but it just seems to be a single performance.

They're performing "No Promises," which is a song by the Cheat Codes.


Quote:Cheat Codes - No Promises ft. Demi Lovato [Official Video]


Greg Spero appears to be the son of Peter Spero who has played with Haley and her parents at Buffalo Grove Days (and I'm sure other occasions).

His Spotify playlist includes "What's That Sound?"


Quote:Gregory Newman Spero was born in Highland Park, IL on February 22, 1985. He is the first child of Peter and Sally Spero and brother to younger siblings, Joey and Katie Spero. Born into a family of artists, Greg started playing piano and composing at age three. Both his father and grandfather, Gus, are musicians who taught Greg to practice and appreciate music as a child. Greg started playing professionally at age fourteen with Chicago-based blues group, "The Slack Daddies." After high school, Spero studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Music Composition and Jazz Performance. Since then, he has continued his studies with world-renowned musicians such as Chip Stephens, Jim Trompeter, and Chip McNeal.
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RE: Haley to appear on TinyRoom (a Greg Spero project)
His Father Peter Spero is a dear friend of the Reinharts and plays keys occasionally for the Midnight Band (BG Days mainly) along with his own Spero Music. Wonderfully gifted Musician & very dynamic.


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