Haley's Official Store
03-10-2018, 12:10 AM,
Haley's Official Store
I couldn't find an "official website" thread so I decided to create one for Haley's store...

Anyway, the reason why this thread was made is that while going on her website the other day I noticed that her official store had disappeared...

It probably means nothing, but what are the odds that she's either...

1. Adding new and old merch.
2. Doing another PledgeMusic project?

What do you guys and gals think? Huh

No one but myself has seemed to notice that her store is gone so I'm wondering if she sold out of CD's and t-shirts and is in the process of creating more?
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RE: Haley's Official Store
They extended the PledgeMusic another month or so, probably to try and move the last of the product. Months after Listen Up! was out for awhile and after Interscope released Haley, the Reinharts were still trying to move CDs, they had cases. Even at her Vegas shows, Haley & Chiara were carrying cases of LU! with them. So my guess is they’ve either moved all the product or people have stopped purchasing, so they closed it. I expect it’ll be open the next time they have product to move...

It is a business after all... You can’t order more than you can sell
03-10-2018, 02:12 AM,
RE: Haley's Official Store
^ Awesome! Thank you for telling me that!

Just ordered an unsigned poster! I didn't get to buy one last time so yay! Big GrinHeart
03-10-2018, 02:19 AM,
RE: Haley's Official Store
I may know too much Haley stuff for my own good and not enough of things that should matter Tongue
03-10-2018, 02:26 AM,
RE: Haley's Official Store
It's cool! Smile

Speaking of which... Do you think physical copies of "Better" will become collector's items one day?

I would never sell any of my Haley CD's, but it's cool to have a CD that's harder to find. IMO
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RE: Haley's Official Store
I have six discs and people have asked me if I would part with them, but I’ve seen cases where they then post them to eBay, so for now, I’m content to keep them rather than haggle over price just to see them possibly be resold online Tongue
(I hate haggling)
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RE: Haley's Official Store
On eBay there are:

24 "Listen Up" CD's for sale - average price about 12 bucks
32 "What's That Sound" CD's (3 vinyl) - priced from $5.99 to $33.99 (Japan & vinyl)
None of those are signed by Haley. I've noticed ones that are posted with HER autograph get sold very quickly.
ZERO "Better" CD's - 1 Better T-shirt
19 signed photos & posters - That have been there unsold for many years.

Not sure why there are no "Better" CD's for sale so those might be the ones to hold on to as their value wil likely increase over time.

I still have at least 3 of all 3 - all of which are autographed. I've given away a few unsigned ones - at a Halien Shindig as a prize and to an overseas friend and 4 WTS Target CD's I gave away as Christmas Presents to future Haliens.

I'll never sell my "What's That Sound" Vinyl LP that has autographs from (& notes to me by) Haley Reinhart, Harry Reinhart, Patti Reinhart, Angela Reinhart, & Big Willie Ray Moore... especially with my own name printed in the liner. Love this keepsake.
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RE: Haley's Official Store
@Himm I've noticed that about eBay. And that's an impressive autograph achievement! Very cool!

Not too long ago I bought an official Listen Up! era album promo poster from there. Features a pic of Haley poolside. But in a different outfit, not her red swimsuit. Smile

I have two copies of Listen Up! One from her official site back in the day, and one from Target. Just had to have the standard edition to go with the deluxe. lol Tongue

I'm anxious for new Haley merch and of course music. Big Grin
03-11-2018, 10:35 AM,
RE: Haley's Official Store
Several months ago two copies of "Better" showed up on ebay and they sold for $100 a piece. Just a year after being released. Imagine what they could become years from now, especially since they have "Can't Help Falling in Love" on them.

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