Haley singing in Japanese ad?
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Haley singing in Japanese ad?
Haley retweeted this tweet with a song I don't recognise Huh

Quote:ЖsangoЖ @shiraho35 1h1 hour ago

@HaleyReinhart Dear Haley, I am a big fan of you in Japan?I found this CM today and this singer is you? If so, I am so happy and I hope you will come to Japan?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVMKTbnMO0Y&sns=tw … @youtubeさんから

Published April 18, already 730,056 views
translation of the video description:

Quote:Zexy CM of the year "Kiss 10,000 times" It is just a story I love.
In this CM, it expresses the intention to overlap with overflowing loveful feelings "I love you". I am glad that you can sympathize with the hearts of many people while remembering someone who is important and imagining a happy future.
Appearance / Hiroe Iji (Zexi 11th generation CM girl) Yoshihiko Hosoda (partner)

A bit odd, but maybe it's me (my twitter), but this tweet did not show up when I search for "@haleyreinhart", I only saw it because Haley retweeted it Huh

This page has the four lines of lyrics Haley sings, unfortunately, I can't select the text to translate the page, so I have no idea the content of the page. I tweeted it out, so maybe one of Haley's fans who knows Japanese can tell us.... http://yumestory.com/cm/zekushicmsong2018/

Quote:"I don't know where you came from
but the way that you hold me now
I know you are the one
Wherever we're meant to be
Oh Live forever love"

I think it's for a wedding magazine or store.... Huh
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RE: Haley singing in Japanese ad?
967,435 views in less than a week. Not bad.

I wonder if there's any link to @her0ism


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RE: Haley singing in Japanese ad?
Quote:しんぺー @banao_8000

Replying to @zexy_news

@zexy_news I thought that it was a very good commercial, but it is regrettable that there are not so many evaluation, and it was a cm age! It is a pity that only the singer likes the music in particular, and I want to publish it alone!

Google translated that as "I thought that it was a very good commercial but I'm sorry that there are not many good reviews It was a very resonant age! Especially I like songs and it is regrettable that CM is limited. I would like even a singer to release it!"

Quote:SNS映えするニックネームが欲しい @HumourIntoOK

たぶんhaley reinhartだと思います。

(posts "Creep")



Translated from Japanese by Microsoft

@banao_8000 … Haley think maybe Reinhart.

@ttps://t.co/hoNZhxEqmL This song is very loud. I'm sorry if I'm wrong!

Quote:しんぺー @banao_8000


@HumourIntoOK Sounds like a pretty vocal! Thank you for the bother! Let's listen to other songs of the person!!
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RE: Haley singing in Japanese ad?
I had asked on Twitter if anyone who reads Japanese could translate a couple pages I'd found on the commercial, Harry Burns sent it to a friend and this is what he'd gleaned...

Quote:"this music is made exclusively for the TV advertisement for the wedding magazine - you cannot listen to this music apart from this advertisement"

This is confirmed by the Tweeter who Haley retweeted his tweet originally, in reply to Roz

Quote:Unfortunately this publishers -Recruit says this song is made for purely this commercial and the singer has been kept secret now. But many people are impressed and moved by Haley’s amazing voice. She deserves a lot of credit!

For whatever reason, they wanted to keep the singer's identity 'secret', I'd read this on another page, so this confirms that as well...
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RE: Haley singing in Japanese ad?
1.3 million views
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RE: Haley singing in Japanese ad?
Maybe they want to keep it a secret b/c Haley is not Japanese?

FB post of CHFIL:

Quote:Yuko Kanayama

Quote:Yuko Kanayama
The xxx songs are wonderful ...
It seems that it is said that this person may be still undisclosed, who is singing.
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RE: Haley singing in Japanese ad?
Quote:hiro♪ @hirokiess

ヘイリー・ライアンハートの歌い方いいね。今話題のゼクシィのCMだけど、歌っているのは、シカゴ出身のシンガーソングライター、Haley Reinhartみたい。American Idol シーズン10のファイナリスト(第3位)。スモーキーヴォイス。高音で、かすれた感じになるのがいいね。

Hayley · Ryanheart 's how to sing. It is a CM of Xexy which is talked about now, but what I am singing is like a singer-songwriter from Chicago, Haley Reinhart. American Idol Season 10 finalists (third place). Smokey voice. It is good to be a hoarse, faint feeling.

Quote:hiro♪ @hirokies


A 27 year old singer-songwriter from the United States. Hailey, born in the vicinity of Chicago, will debut in May 2012. It is a CM song of Xexy currently flowing on television, but this time it is only for CMX, this song is specially original and produced only on CM. It is wrapped in veil without giving out details.
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RE: Haley singing in Japanese ad?

Quote:This is sia's song or something
I want to hear it full! !



Quote:Yeah music



Quote:Is this singer, Hayley Loren?

"Halie Loren is an American jazz singer and songwriter from Sitka, Alaska. Her albums have reached number one on the Billboard Japan Top 20 Jazz Albums chart."


Quote:Bea Miller

Haley Reinhart




Quote:he singer

Bea Miller

Haley Reinhart



Who are you?





Quote:A foreigner says it,
The song that really takes this back is good.

The high-pitched voice rising from the bass at a stretch will remain forever and the presence of the singer will be strongly impressed.

I would like you to offer it as a song.
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RE: Haley singing in Japanese ad?
From Haley's AMA June 4th

So there's this Japanese commercial that has one of your songs that we haven't heard before. It currently has over 1.4 million views on YouTube. The question is, is there a full version of that song or was it only used for the commercial?

'Twas only for the commercial... you never know what could happen, but they seem to want to keep it that way. And if so, don't fret! There's more tune to come

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