Haley appeared with Jeff Goldblum tonight (5/18/18) in a recorded performance
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RE: Haley appeared with Jeff Goldblum tonight (5/18/18) in a recorded performance
The article does qualify “Irish” in front of “Superstar” which could also be interpreted as she is a superstar in Ireland, as opposed to a world wide superstar *who is Irish*. I’m not caught up on Irish singers, but I have heard of Imelda if that means anything?

From that VEVO clip of the show they recorded for the album, I actually liked her tone from the bit I heard. I know Sarah Silverman is a comedienne primarily, but tbh hearing a snippet of her singing made me....pause? I had opposing reactions to hearing snippets of Imelda and Sarah singing Tongue
Haley did get more 'air time' in that video than Imelda or Sarah, they used MBJCFM as the background music....

Bigger picture though, it is the song Haley is singing on that is the first single from Jeff’s album, each interview I’ve heard Jeff list Haley, he has made some mention of how special she is even saying “...Haley Reinhart, of course”... as if people would know/expect him to mention her. In the music festival she performed in California, he called Haley the "The greatest singer in the whole world" when he introduced her on stage.

In the end, to the *world*, outside of CHFIL & Creep, Haley is really mostly known for Idol, and we know what most people, most artists, think about reality TV shows Tongue . What I prefer to listen to is the talent she works with. What do people who have worked w/ Haley on a professional level feel about Haley?

IMO Jeff Goldblum thinks extremely highly of Haley, instead of "Irish Superstar" Imelda May to be the first voice put out to the public on his debut Jazz album, his first foray as a 'legit' recording artist, he has chosen Haley to be that voice.

Reading between the lines, for someone he's basically 'just met' professionally, he's publicly been extremely complimentary of Haley to a fan base that has likely not heard of her before (globally). It helps that her banter is completely in line w/ the act that Goldblum himself said in the video is what he likes to do in the act. So much so, the album producer felt it was important to capture on the album. Haley is incredibly, playfully cute on MBJCFM and will likely translate very well when they perform live to promote the album.

Even though it seems Jeff's appearances to promote his album seems few, for now, I still expect Haley to be performing w/ Jeff at other venues after the album drops. Angel

(09-06-2018, 11:31 PM)john Wrote: Jeff is a popular guest for late night shows and daytime talk shows. I think there is a good chance Haley will sing MBJCFM with him on at least one of these shows as he does promo for the project.

This could be Haley's best chance yet to finally get decent TV time on one of the bigger talk shows Cool

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