New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"

A LIL’ TEASER FOR YA’S!!! My brand new video for, "Last Kiss Goodbye" will have you caught in a dazeee! Look for it THIS FRIDAY June 1st! X ? #LKG #lastkissgoodbye #newmusicfriday #dreamy #musicvideo #summervibes
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
Quote:MichelleWilliams @michwilliamsbr

Which musical genre does it seem to be? Jazz? Pop?
It sounded like Colbie Caillat / Jason Mraz to me. <3
Love you, @HaleyReinhart


Possibly... Bossa nova. "A union of samba and cool jazz" ... "most commonly performed on the nylon-string classical guitar."

Quote:MichelleWilliams @michwilliamsbr

Hmmm... very possible indeed.
Waiting for @HaleyReinhart here in Brazil, by the way.

Haley liked the last two responses. I cheated a little having picked up on the clue from Anders' friend. Haley seems to have quite a few fans in Brazil. If she does Bossa Nova well they ought to eat it up.
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"

Quote:Haley Reinhart
Just now ·
? 'LAST KISS GOODBYE' ? is here NOW & Refinery29 has got the exclusive premiere!!! Thanks for the lovely write up. Smile)) I wanted to surprise ya’s a day early ‘cause a love ya’s! X Check out my #newsingle & #musicvideo #lastkissgoodbye #outnow #refinery29
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
first thoughts...

why is it so short? why does the song seem like its lacking structure? is this a song I can blast in my car or sing along to? I don't think so. not what I expected. I thought it would've been a more pop sounding song. Jay said summer anthem and this says coffee shop acoustic.

still my favorite singer and excited for the rest of the album.

don't hate me guys, but some of Haley's projects I like better than others, hope this does better than SMYM.
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
It's short, but it's longer than The Letter.
I'd probably start it at the 12 second mark for radio
(though they probably stretched it out to 2:30 for radio).

For me, every song Haley sings seems to pass quickly because her voice is so captivating. I think someone hearing Haley and "Last Kiss Goodbye" for the first time would be drawn in by her voice.
And then be disappointed the song wasn't longer.

If "Last Kiss Goodbye" doesn't make it on its own, I could see parts of it being used in commercials or as part of a soundtrack. It might also be sampled in some way by other musicians.

Quote:Anders Grahn
The first review is in:

"Haley Reinhart's new song "Last Kiss Goodbye" is the CoverGirl of music: It's easy, breezy, and beautiful..."


Quote:Haley Reinhart
It’s out into the world, yayyyy!

Quote:Anders Grahn
And we're only getting started, Hales!!!

Quote:Steve Grahn
WOW! My favorite voice of all times!
Gongrats from Steve ( Anders dad)
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
I actually find it to be very current and fitting with a lot of the pop music that is being released right now. I know a lot of people here are much older than I am, but as a 21 year old college student, I can confirm that this is definitely the type of music that everyone blasts all the time around campus. The low-fi latin sound is very hip right now. So I think it is very smart of her to jump on this band wagon and add her own artistry to the genre.

And to add on, Drake is a superstar rapper and every song he has ever released is "lacking structure" and he still sells albums and sells out arenas. And I am quite certain that Haley is miles more talented than Drake, so maybe "lacking structure" isn't always a bad thing if it fits with the style, genre, and sound that she is going for.
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
valid points. my only true critique about the structure is that its chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus... I wish there were a second verse in there to carry the tune longer. even behave had a different structure where it was like multiple songs glued together and I think that worked well. but you may be right about it being current. let's see where it goes. #HR4
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
Quote:Michael Slezak @MichaelSlezakTV 27m27 minutes ago
Michael Slezak Retweeted Haley Reinhart
Summer is officially here — three weeks early! … #lastkissgoodbye #sososogood

(05-31-2018, 08:18 AM)Nicicarus Wrote: Jay said summer anthem and this says coffee shop acoustic.

still my favorite singer and excited for the rest of the album.

don't hate me guys, but some of Haley's projects I like better than others, hope this does better than SMYM.

Nothing wrong w/ opinions. Long time Haliens should know by now, we are a fan base comprised of a myriad of genre interests. IMO it's what propelled Haley to the third spot on Idol, she didn't attract one genre of fan, she attracted fans from several genres, who together put her through Tongue

Sure, I've been around as long as many of you have, but having edited hundreds of videos, seen Haley live over 40 times, been in contact w/ maybe more fans than most due to my show travel and social media activity, so I think I could offer a fair perspective in saying, what ever Haley puts out, there will always be a segment of her fan base that doesn't get what they hoped for.

Haley's musical versatility and the varied taste of her fan base is both a blessing and a curse.

To what I quoted at the top. We've had a few weeks with Jay as her new manager, or should I say "Hype Man". He's 180 degree different from the mostly absent previous manager. I think the fan base as a whole, who have been largely under served by Haley's management, have been very accepting of Jay and approving of his continuing interactions w/ fans.

That being said, his calling LKG a 'summer anthem' might have set up an expectation that some feel wasn't met when they finally heard the song. I'd say this 'misrepresentation' what LKG is, is just a result of Jay's enthusiasm to hype Haley, get her fan base excited, which I can't fault Jay for being perhaps effusively excited in describing the song.

For me? I've said often, "Haley" is my genre. I come from Rock, sentimental to Metal, but through Haley, I have listened to more Jazz than I have ever in my previous 40 years. That is to say, it's Haley's voice, her talent and her, to me, obvious connection to something creative in the universe. So what ever genre Haley performs, my focus will still be her vocals, melody and most importantly how the music makes me feel.... Not to say there aren't songs that I don't like as much as others. For instance, Wasted Tears and Hit the Ground Running, songs I'd heard over and over early in her career, I would be fine w/ not hearing again for a while....or maybe it's because I've heard it performed so many times? Wink

Anyways, bottom line, we have not had activity as we've had since Haley joined PMJ in 2015. It's OK to not get what you expected, Haley's a musical chameleon, as long as she continues to output music, maybe the next one will hit you to your core?

So, it's OK to be disappointed as it's OK to be over the moon thrilled. It's what art and music can do to your soul, why we come to music as our companion when we need it. What's important is we've had 3 years of impressive output, two albums two years in a row (would anyone be surprised if a 3rd is announced soon?), three Headlining tours in that time....

Haley seems to have gained a taste for producing her own videos so even if she gives away more of her control with whomever she signed with, she still has control of how she wants to present herself.

Love her way of doing things her way, or wish she'd sign w/ a more focused management, we've been following her for 7 years, if we're still here, it has to be about the music, it has to be about how Haley brings out something from inside you that makes you feel good, when it hits you in the right spot, it's a "thrill that I can't escape" Wink
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
9 mins ·
Check out the video premiere and review by Refinery29 for “Last Kiss Goodbye” by ole singer/songwriter, Haley Reinhart!
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
Haley liked this.....

Quote:AVA Live Radio @avaliveradio 3h3 hours ago

Replying to @HaleyReinhart @Refinery29
Beautiful photo. Our music submission page for the New Music Monday program on iHeartRadio and Anchor fm is a great segment for this :

There are so many internet 'radio stations' now, not sure the reach, but mention of iHeartRadio might give it some standing

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