New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
Quote:Whoaaaa! #lastkissgoodbye is ft. on @Spotify’s #NewMusicFriday playlist! I’m freakin’ out ova here! ? Huge thanks to my A-Team & @Spotify for the loooove Heart

Click the link below & check it out lova’s!

Haley's team deserves credit, but it probably helped that CHFIL topped the Spotify Viral Top 50 back when it was released.

Quote:Every week, Spotify updates their "New Music Friday" playlist, featuring 50 of the freshest new tracks hitting the service that week.

[Image: Den8bnOVAAEo4FI.jpg]
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
As a Brazilian and Bossa Nova lover, I loved the song! The videoclip fits the song so well... better than that, only if it was recorded in Rio de Janeiro hehehe
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
LOTS of coverage and from known entities in the music industry, not just a review from an internet blog Cool

Quote:iHeartRadio @iHeartRadio 8m8 minutes ago

.@HaleyReinhart's video for her jazzy new single "Last Kiss Goodbye" is a romantic summer dream Heart
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
If LKG gets airplay on IHeartRadio stations, I'd say there's
a good chance people will recall the name of the song.

I imagine someone saying "Last Kiss Goodbye" who can't
pull themselves away and continues to kiss their love.
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
I think strategy wise, releasing LKG instead of something more produced, makes sense because it echoes some of the qualities of CHFIL where Haley's textured vocals are the hightlight. Better chance that when people hear LKG, they'll make the connection to CHFIL and think "Hey, I like her....." Cool
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
(05-31-2018, 09:49 PM)lovinghaleyr Wrote: refinery29 isn't available in my country AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
Today I could buy it in iTunes HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartCoolCoolCool
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
I don't know how to look up the numbers, but apparently, it's going around that LKG might have the most spins on Spotify in one day than any of Haley's previous singles...

[Image: DeqKHWWV4AAeu4s.jpg]

Quote:Jay Michaels @jaymichaels13 10m10 minutes ago

Before you hit the bed or go out... stream @HaleyReinhart #LastKissGoodbye @Spotify #NewMusicFriday #Playlist Looks to be one of Haley's BIGGEST one day streamed songs EVER

Quote:Brandon West @b_west23 1h1 hour ago

- @HaleyReinhart got over 27,000 plays on her new song “Last Kiss Goodbye” today on Spotify. More than her last few singles on their first day!!
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
(05-31-2018, 01:15 PM)rmd1064 Wrote: The first few times I heard "Let's Start", I thought...well, OK, I guess. Now I love that song, one of my favorites of hers. Let's give LKG some time to marinate. I do love the bossa nova beat.

Anyway, if you look at Haley's biggest "hits", most are slower numbers such as CHFIL, "Undone" and "Free". And I give up wondering what is going to be a hit these days...

Anyway, more Haley music in the universe is a great thing. Big Grin

I like it too .. Yeah it took me a few listens for Let's Start to really sink in but it did. I really like the Better songs but I really don't play the album much.

You never know what is going to hit... I don't think anyone really does or the biggest names would have sure hits every time....

... although that does seem to be a chicken and the egg thing because it's those rare performers that can keep pulling them out and having people like them that are the legends... and then it stops.

One thing I do know is that . . I still really do think there is going to be more placement for lots of these songs in the future .... Show me your moves never has been one I listened to but it's entertained a heck of a lot of people watching the ads and made Haley some money I'm sure.
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
From Jay, #31 on iTunes, Jake reported that LKG was #78 overall....

[Image: DeqbgOmU0AAdEIU.jpg:small]

I've given up guessing what people like any more, way before today. On my channel, there's no real way to tell which video will hit and which will stagnate. Often I'd post one that I feel has everything, multiple angles, dynamic performance and good audio, and then it'll be outdone by a video that's not so great and people complaining about the audio....

So even though there are some 'duds' on my channel, if they're close to being 'good', I post them, because, again, I can't predict what people will like.

As far as Haley's original's potential, I find myself having to explain to people that don't pay attention like we do, I really do believe that a song's advertising sync potential is a factor for which song Haley produces. SMYM is THE example of that. IIRC the song was met with less than enthusiasm because most wanted something Jazzy, something classical...they didn't expect SMYM, yet, Ole was able to turn that around and make money for themselves and Haley.

I think there is good sync potential for LKG, even though it's not a typical release you might expect from Haley, and on top of that you have a song that really displays Haley's vocals spectacularly Cool
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RE: New single June 1st - "Last Kiss Goodbye"
another quicky -

It took me a bit to find it on Amazon - they mustn't have had it indexed right initially and they have at least on other song for sale with the exact same title.

A bit lame though for Amazon as they're master marketers and know they've sold me other Haley Reinhart albums and I've reviewed them etc and .. you know they usually are 3 steps in front of what they can guess I want.

Amazon has it tagged "Jazz" , only Jazz not both Jazz and pop. It was #2 in new Jazz releases.

... also.. great point Tusk about this being a song that being one that particularly showcases some of the uniquely Haley sound stylings

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