Oct 5th, 2018 - Haley show at The Hotel Cafe (Hollywood)
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RE: Oct 5th, 2018 - Haley show at The Hotel Cafe (Hollywood)
This is what happens when 'inspiration' takes over me...

Jay had told me about this show over a couple months ago... they had planned to roll out 'Undone' in some way again. A thanks for the fans since it has been a long time fan favorite since Listen Up! was released.

So after the show, Jay told me to take my time with this... he wanted it to be 'cinematic'...not like the typical fan video. They want this to be the 'official' live performance of "Undone"....

I get back to Greg's around 12:30. On the 1 & half hour+ drive back, my mind starts kicking into gear, an outline of what I want to do (a reason I have difficulty sleeping alot of the time is, since I was young, my mind races...'overthinking'...the creative outlets are a chance for me to direct and focus that excess energy.)

Even though at the HC, he told me to 'take my time' I received two text to remind me they want to use this to promote "Undone", so it was on my mind. Before I knew it, it was 7 am when I linked him to the video. Caught a couple hours of sleep, woken up by Jay's message, "Amazing, I'll post today" so I emailed him the link to download...

I was able to get good audio, the bass was very loud at the front. I surreptitiously recorded w/ my Zoom mic, but I erred on the side of getting Not 'too loud' recording, so even though 'clean' it was low volume. I could afford to boost it, combining w/ my iPhone audio, lowered, to match the volume level of the Zoom audio. The combination came out really well, only wish I'd set the mic to record at a higher level

So this is #TeamHaleyFans 4th 'official' music video posted on Haley's channel Cool

I've been asked to do the video of Haley's performance of "Don't Know How to Love You" from the Hotel Cafe (Anders joined Haley on stage)....problem is I was half asleep, on 'automatic' when I worked on Undone.... I don't recall all the steps I took to replicate what I did for Undone Tongue

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