Oct 5th, 2018 - Haley show at The Hotel Cafe (Hollywood)
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RE: Oct 5th, 2018 - Haley show at The Hotel Cafe (Hollywood)
(10-07-2018, 07:35 AM)ISCAT4HALEY Wrote: I wish I was there to witness the incredible LIVE performance of Haley’s “Undone”, but was so fortunate to see Haley, her family, Midnight and fellow Haliens at PAVE. Beautiful video Tusk, again fantastic viewing angles and video editing and the audio completely captures Haley’s gorgeous tone and emotion of the song. I’m so happy there is an Official Live Video of "Undone". What an iconic piece of art! Glad the camcorder worked out. The closeup shots with your Canon, I think, showing Haley’s vivid facial expressions are the best for me. Congrats and thank you so much!

Thanks Randy, #TeamHaleyFans came through again Cool

Although I wasn't able to use your camcorder at PAVE, it ended up giving me an option I wouldn't have had otherwise.

As I said before, Jay had given me a heads up about this show months ago, he wanted to get video from it to post on Haley's.

But as the the show got closer and closer, what I was 'allowed' was less clear. Initially, I thought he implied I had access, but as it got closer and I asked about it, it was less clear if I had any access, let a lone full access. Jay's busy and often replies in short text blurbs which means I won't necessarily get definitive answers to my questions if he answers at all. I don't want to be a pest so didn't keep on pestering to know what I have so I know what to bring.

One reason I decided not to try and use the camcorder is that in most venues, they don't like people bringing camcorders even more than they dislike DSLR's. I didn't know I got full access to PAVE until close to the time of the show....even then, it was difficult to get a hold of the organizers to get clarification, so I erred on the side of assuming they won't allow a camcorder....

Back to the Hotel Cafe, what started as 'you're set' for the show months ago to, well, hopefully they won't care if you video a song or two. I knew Jay wanted Undone for sure, so I brought the camera on the assumption that I could at least use it for Undone.

A camcorder is also preferable to a DSLR for videoing is, if you zoom w/ a dslr, it takes a microsection to focus, which is not really acceptable. The smaller canon I use also doesn't lose focus when I zoom, so given the option, I always choose the smaller Cannon over the DSLR...especially w/ the DSLR you also have to bring lenses

The night before, I looked up the camcorder and made sure all the settings were what I needed. Because of changing video codecs, some companies have now started charging for video codecs so your software can read the video media. I had had some issues that I had w/ some of Randy's videos, it was in a codec that my software couldn't read, though before it used to be able to.

With that in mind, I made sure to switch the format to 4k mp4. I had also brought a small tripod w/ flexible legs... I brought what I thought I might need to make sure I get Undone if anything.

Part of my awareness includes not being an obstruction when I video, a smaller tripod that can sit on a table could be useful and out of people's way

I always try to get multiple media of something I'm filming (called B-Roll to filmographers). Sometimes I shake too much to hold a camera still, or people walk in front of my camera, or my camera temporarily loses focus or some technical difficulties cause malfunction. Getting more than one video of the show gives you options to cover up any mistakes that might not look good in the video.

As it turned out, I got in w/o a hitch. Rachel was the first person I met in line, so I asked her IF we get tables (never sure, Haley's friends are usually reserved front tables) could she help keep an eye on the camcorder? She said she could.

So when we got in, I situated the camcorder/mini tripod to Rachel's right, I sat to her left, my small canon (for the close ups) was on my monopod (I wish I had steadier hands Tongue ), and my iPhone was attached to the top of the canon (for audio and a wider video of the whole stage).

One advantage Randy's camcorder had over the other cameras I use, it doesn't shut off after half an hour or so. So as Haley was about to come out, I asked Rachel to start recording. As the camcorder doesn't accidentally shut off, I told her to just let it record until the end. So the Camcorder has the entire show, beginning to end.

So with that I had my 3 camera angles, main camera in front for close ups, iPhone above, tilted slightly downwards for a wider angle of the stage and musicians, and ISCAT's camcorder for an opposing shot, but lower, a little more 'dynamic' framing of the shot, for when Haley moves out of my camera's views towards the camcorder.

As I said earlier, I thought it might be wise to see if I can record w/ my zoom mic, so I laid it on top of it's case. The mic is very sensitive so they needed to face away from anything that might make a vibration. The plastic of the case it's resting on, could absorb any vibration from the music and the table it's sitting on. The Zoom audio is also the whole show.

When it comes to getting decent video I can have fun editing, I'm rarely satisfied w/ just one camera view....there's no fun or a challenge in one camera videos, having more than one, you can cut to other musicians if they solo, when the artists turn away from you, you have another camera that they are turning towards. One camera video worked out for Ribfest, but doesn't always

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