Oct 5th, 2018 - Haley show at The Hotel Cafe (Hollywood)
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RE: Oct 5th, 2018 - Haley show at The Hotel Cafe (Hollywood)
Just for fun Tongue

Quote:Thanks so much for watching the videos on my channel, 908,231 views in the last 28 days.... can 1 million views in 28 days be far behind? Let's hope so Cool

The recent spike in views has definitely to do with all the things that are happening around Haley, Steven Tyler, Jeff Goldblum, all these amazing shows, new singles and don't forget the third season of "F is For Family" is due out soon. It's all good. A rising tide raises all boats. I think Team Haley putting #TeamHaleyFans videos on Haley's channel has also alot to do with the uptick in views on this channel....

So I'd like to return the favour....

I'd like to see Haley's video, "Don't Know How to Love You" get to 300,000 views. To that end, I'll post a new video from Haley's show at the Hotel Cafe once Haley's video reaches 300,000 views Wink

If you like what you see from #TeamHaleyFans Hotel Cafe videos, share and watch Haley Reinhart's "Don't Know How to Love You", get it to 300,000 views ("only" 14,000 views to go Tongue ) and I'll put up a poll so you can vote for which Hotel Cafe performance You'd like to see posted next Smile

(Nominate which performance you'd like to vote on from the Hotel Cafe set list here, the top 4 choices will be voted on once DKHTLY reaches 300,000 views.
The only out of bounds performance is "How Dare You?", a new song they don't want posted yet)

Watch, Share and Tweet out Haley's "Don't Know How to Love You" video Smile



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