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Happy for Haley
05-12-2017, 12:51 AM (This post was last modified: 05-12-2017 12:54 AM by Tusk.)
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RE: Happy for Haley

Joe Mavric 27 minutes ago
Heard Haley Reinhart sing for the first time on PMJ a couple weeks back, what an awesome vocal range Haley has, I'm blown away, can't find enough of her on YouTube now that I've heard her sing, amazing talent. ;-)
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06-02-2017, 01:46 PM
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Comment on FB under Haley's post
Quote:Mark DiNatale So I just learned of this wonderful woman this week as I went down the rabbit hole of Youtube. After seeing Puddles Pity Party perform on America's Got Talent this past week, I went searching for more. When I see this woman whom I have never heard of also singing with Puddles and PMJ (I never heard of them either). Now I am hooked. Loading up my phone with PMJ albums today should be a great weekend!
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06-15-2017, 08:16 AM (This post was last modified: 06-15-2017 08:17 AM by Miguel.)
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RE: Happy for Haley
Quote:allkiller_nofiller_ _reposts "Baby It's You" teaser_

Obsessed with her voice. I love her sound! #haleyreinhart #babyitsyou #wcw #womencrushwednesday #newmusic


Don't know who she is but I'll take that body in a second!


@jeannierossi1173 she's a singer. She was a contestant on American idol, but I had no idea until I started listening to her musics
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06-19-2017, 04:52 PM
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RE: Happy for Haley
Quote:Adrian sin acento‏ @AdrianUrbano

@HaleyReinhart I've discovered you by chance on your Creep Radiohead's cover and let me tell you something: you are amazing! What a talent!

Haley gave that a like.
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06-19-2017, 06:35 PM
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RE: Happy for Haley
Not sure what this is, but he apparently has gone down the Haley Rabbit hole, has over 77,000 followers and has been tweeting Haley videos
Quote: Wolfx Ama a Trini‏ @DCordell2016 40m40 minutes ago
#MuzikkZone #TeAmo >.@Lacbleu_ #TeamDOLL #NEW
Haley Reinhart - Baby It’s You via @YouTube @HaleyReinhart #FB

He started w/ Baby it's You and so far has tweeted out, Wild Horses, Free, Better and Show Me Your moves....don't think he's 'famous' no blue icon next to his name, but 77k followers is 77k followers Tongue
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06-21-2017, 02:05 AM
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RE: Happy for Haley
Two gents from Wales.

Quote:Ross Nicholson · YouTube · ("Mad World")

'Mad as Hell' is back on ABC and they've been promoting it with a cover of 'Mad World'. Just stumbled upon this cover by the superlative voice of Puddles Pity Party and the incredible voice of Haley Reinhart, who I have to confess I'd never heard of (I'm waiting to be chastised by Adam Robinson)

Quote:Adam Robinson

I'd never heard of her either so no chastising here. But you might enjoy this one (posts "Creep")
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06-29-2017, 12:19 PM
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RE: Happy for Haley
Comment on BIY YT:

Quote:gavin mcgregor

So a few weeks ago I was watching "F is for Family" and in the cartoon the dad was in the car listening to the radio. There was a girl with an amazing voice singing "O Holy Night" on the radio so I had to Google it and find out who the singer was. It turned out to be Haley Reinhart. I'd never heard of her before. Tonight I was watching "Love Island" and I heard this amazing voice singing "Falling in love with you" in the background so I had to Shazam it. Once again, Haley Reinhart.
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06-29-2017, 03:18 PM
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RE: Happy for Haley
Quote:Pandy Troutman i just want to say i love your voice & your style of fashion & Music !!! I have never seen a concert before& 62 yrs old , but yours is truly the only one i would love to see !!! just saying
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06-29-2017, 04:40 PM
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RE: Happy for Haley
Here's a couple comments left on my Youtubes: "Gee Baby"-No Vacancy Orchestra:
Quote:Trevor Morris
Great. I still can't really get my head around how incredibly versatile she is. The Rock'n'Roll chick belting out Fats Domino and Led Zeppelin and such like, doing a bit of small group jazz with Casey Abrams, and then stepping into this big band setting and swinging out these numbers as if she'd been doing it all her life. I know she's been blessed with a very musical upbringing but she has the innate musical instincts to be able to absorb these experiences, and then bring it back out.

and on "White Rabbit"- Glasgow:
Quote:david calderone
ive just recently been listening to haley, and im blown away by her voice. this girl should be selling out stadiums. she is a superstar and i hope she gets all the recognition she deserves. oh yea, i was around when this came out and haley nails it!!
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06-29-2017, 05:29 PM (This post was last modified: 06-29-2017 06:05 PM by Tusk.)
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RE: Happy for Haley
Trevor Morris isn't a 'new' fan to Haley, but definitely a passionate fan of Haley's, has posted many comments on many of Haley's videos, including mine (a search for his name in my comments section shows he's posted at least 68 times on my channel alone). Apparently he saw her live for the first time in Glasgow on her recent European tour.

Quote:Trevor Morris 3 weeks ago (edited)
Aye, I was there too. It's ridiculous, but she made me feel like a star-struck teenager, and it's lang syne that I was a teenager. I was the old grey beard in the crowd on Saturday night in Glasgow. It's great seeing recordings of so many of her performances, but to be there and see her actually doing it right in front of you - wow! A great, great night, and a great response from the crowd.

Quote:Trevor Morris 3 weeks ago
++Kevin 15301
I saw her in Glasgow 2 nights ago, the first time for me. She looked really great, slim and full of vitality on stage with that cheeky grin she has. She's confident without any arrogance, and it's so obvious that she just loves being up there singing. As with great performers, there was that 2 way dynamic going on between the crowd and herself. Great to be there and experience it. She was better even than I'd hoped.

Quote:Noodle Swage 3 weeks ago (edited)
Trevor, I've read some of your comments on other videos and it's clear you really "get" Haley. I appreciate, that you appreciate the depth and the breath of her talent, as well as the joy that she experiences singing and performing for an audience.

Trevor Morris 3 weeks ago (edited)
++Noode Swage
Aye, I'm hooked. Computers and internet do have their downsides but they can introduce you to new things and broaden your horizons. I came across Haley purely because a FaceBook pal of mine posted All About That Bass by Kate Davis with PMJ (he is actually a bass guitarist). I started delving from there, and here I am now - still a bit bemused at myself, but wildly enjoying Haley's music, and the personality that comes across with it.

I like your point about her love of performing. I was thinking that from the videos of her. Her vitality and the way she so obviously loves being up there singing comes across even more powerfully when you see her live.
Youtube is basically his Haley "forum" where he gets to post and discuss things Haley w/ others.... Big Grin
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