Haley Reinhart - International Appeal
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RE: Haley Reinhart - International Appeal
This could also go under the "inspiring others' thread, but I'm putting it here since the bride lives in Barcelona, Spain and is from Frankfurt, Germany. The groom has friends from all over the world, but primarily Barcelona. However, I think he might originally be from Portland, OR.

Quote:I've been waiting 2 weeks to share this short film I made for Barbara and Christopher. If we could all only be so lucky.

The videographer is from San Francisco, but a world traveler who has inspired others. He's currently traveling across India
Quote:I was born in a (Vietnamese) refugee camp on the island of Lantau in Hong Kong.

...I was your hardworking Asian stereotype growing up. Straight A’s, played the piano, really good at math. I even played ping pong and had the bowl cut. Right on schedule, I graduated from high school, attended a prestigious Ivy League business school and secured a job with the largest asset manager in the world. At the age of 21, I found myself in uncharted territories having accomplished what my parents had hoped for me when they first set foot on American soil.

... For the first time, I could buy my family nice gifts and take them on a proper holiday. For myself, I turned off my blackberry and spent 3 weeks running around as a backpacker every year, traveling for well under $50 a day. It was a nice balance, but one that ultimately had to tip one way or the other. I became envious of backpackers who were traveling around the world for stretches of months and years at a time, rather than days or weeks.

...In late 2010, these conflicting thoughts all came to a head and in a surprising moment of absolute clarity, I made a big decision. I quit my job, bought a one way ticket to London and started chasing the warm weather around the world (we had a particularly cold year in San Francisco).

...During my travels, I created a short 5 minute video capturing the beauty of my travel. The story and video went viral at the beginning of 2012 and I received an outpouring amount of emails and comments from people around the world who wanted to let me know how my video had inspired them to travel. Through this medium, I was connected to people I had never met and inadvertently stumbled into the next phase of my career. Kien Lam, photographer and filmmaker.


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