Carnegie Hall w/Mayfield - TICKETS NOW ON SALE
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RE: Haley and her family
(11-01-2012, 01:07 AM)yanni5 Wrote: Yeah, true. But I'd have followed the Abrams to find Haley too. Keith is great and is always full of energy. Hope they stick together for a while. Really wanted to see that Carnegie show.
It wasn't that obvious to follow the Abrams, they didn't stay together the entire time, nor did the Reinharts so we needed to keep track what we could..there was alot of confusion, the ushers were vehemently ushering, the musicians were trying to leave or meet up with their loved ones, people were texting and taking pictures, someone was interviewing, instruments were being rolled out and the crowd was being forced upwards to the signing room. If we blinked at the wrong time, we might have missed the Abrams slipping out of the signing room.

It would have been nice to meet Casey again, we probably could have gone back in and met him after meeting Haley, but we were both Buzzing on such a high after we met her, it was mission accomplished and we made our way back to our respective hotels (Haley-holic, probably not to get her hopes up, said she wasn't anticipating meeting anyone before the show, but was she glad she did after the show Cool )

Luckily we chose wisely and were able to keep was more intuition and going with the flow than anything...looking for the right breadcrumbs to follow.
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RE: Haley and her family
You chose wisely indeed.
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RE: Carnegie Hall w/Mayfield - TICKETS NOW ON SALE
In all the excitement on the Elvis cover, totally forgot, yesterday was the 3rd year anniversary of Haley at Carnegie Hall w/ Irving Mayfield and NOJO (Sadly my streak of attending a Haley/NOJO show at the end of the year, ends this year Sad )

Four days after the show (Oct 12), I decided, dam my fears about Google and YouTube and started my channel w/ my First video on my channel of Haley singing "God Bless the Child" at Carngie Hall CoolBig Grin


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