Haley in the Wild
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RE: Haley in the Wild
(12-27-2019, 04:38 AM)Miguel Wrote:
Quote:John Coyne was live in Extreme Karaoke Chicago Singers Posse
Prospect Heights, IL ·

You never know who you might see at Rocky's on a Thursday.. Patty & Haley Reinhart.. — at Rocky's American Grill. 

One minute of "Dancing Queen' by Abba 


That 2019 link is dead but here is "Dancing Queen" that Haley & Patti sang after Haley was done judging back in 2014 at the same bar: 
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RE: Haley in the Wild
and I think this link will work: 
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Haley partied w/ Jeannette, Jax and Olivia Kuper Harris, Drew & Jax' Beau (PMJ photographer)  on NYE

[Image: 79911618_454202815253954_645336244822072...e=5E99F97A]

[Image: 79730084_521344508731884_365092560073293...e=5EB340A3]

[Image: 79691312_380044856165253_506488668228497...e=5E9F056C]
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RE: Haley in the Wild
[Image: 80467078_577695196415872_189643090267120...e=5ED79782]

[Image: 80542223_128356521981138_777241623825488...e=5E937C4C]

[Image: 80673850_171317507415918_422385595203159...e=5E969BE9]

[Image: 80727445_475945523083686_801109672119604...e=5EDA40E3]


My only interest today... lounging around like it’s my job. ? Can’t waittt for another dreamy shoot w @heather.rival & some exciting news to go along with it! ?
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RE: Haley in the Wild
New Photoshoot today

[Image: 81799309_386760982158017_142773075631647...e=5E96394C]
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Haley's IG stories this morning indicate she and Drew were at what appears to be a private event in the Hollywood Hills where Gavin Degraw, The Struts, Jackson Browne, the Temptations, Desi Valentine and others were performing.

edit: And The Beach Boys and Mark McGrath with John Stamos on drums. Bob Saget and Priscilla Presley were also there.

Found a FB post that made reference to "Jeff's Bday party!" The Jeff wouldn't be Goldblum as his birthday is in October. It is Jeff Franklin and she attended a similar party for him back in 2018. He created the TV series "Full House."
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Looks like Haley performed.
Quote:Steve Fowler is in Beverly Hills, California.

Last night was one of those nights that only happens in Hollywood (or technically Beverly Hills). Celebrating Jeff Franklin bday and watching private performances by The Beach Boys, Jackson Browne, Mark McGrath, Louis Price of The Temptations, The Struts, Gavin DeGraw, Haley Reinhart and Bob Saget (yes he sang). What an incredible night to remember. Thank you Jeff and Happy Birthday!

Responding to someone who said it "looked like it was lit" he noted
Quote:insane. Jackson Browne played acoustic guitar until about 3 am

Second to last video here has a 10-second snippet of Haley performing "Oh, Darling!"

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RE: Haley in the Wild
[Image: EOqztl_XUAA09k7?format=png&name=900x900]
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RE: Haley in the Wild
Random John Stamos in the foreground XD
01-28-2020, 02:57 PM,
RE: Haley in the Wild
[Image: 83317813_196777584801518_676600936739021...e=5ECDDADC]

Casey has a few shows Monday nights at the Hotel Cafe for a few weeks and has advertised he'll have special guests.  Looks like this week included Haley and a couple of her co-songwriters 

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