Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
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RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
Quote:Pia Paradise ‏@PiaParadise 16m

Get your tickets for @PiaToscano & @jaredleemusic at @CuttingRoomNYC before the pre-sale ends! Save $25 on your tix. Offer ends Mon, 8/5!!
Retweeted by Pia Toscano

[Image: unpluggedflyer1_zpse40da73f.jpg]

At first glance, I thought these ticket prices were way too high. Then I noticed it's a benefit show.
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RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
Quote: Pia Toscano retweeted
Jenaux ‏@JenauxMusic 33m33 minutes ago
[Image: CKDZkVEUYAA6M6c.jpg]

@PiaToscano @Enhanced_Music @Tritonal love u all

Is that electronic augmentation on her voice? Doesn't quite sound like her... Maybe it's part of being in the genre that there'll be some amount of electronic production to the vocals, just I've heard her sing this live, it doesn't sound like what I hear in this video.

Still... nice that Pia is getting some exposure Smile
07-16-2015, 01:39 PM,
RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
They went a little overboard with the production though..I mean, it's electronic music, so there will be some..but...a little overboard.
07-17-2015, 04:47 AM,
RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
(07-16-2015, 01:39 PM)mercfan3 Wrote: They went a little overboard with the production though..I mean, it's electronic music, so there will be some..but...a little overboard.

I liked it. She has a great voice.
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RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
Quote:American Idol Alum Pia Toscano Is Engaged

Is that wedding bells we hear? Or just the clink clink of that gorgeous bling on American Idol alum Pia Toscano's ring finger? Both, we suppose. The singer is engaged to boyfriend Jimmy R.O. Smith and the duo is as handsome as they are talented. Which is, by the way, saying a lot considering their joint ventures alongside the one and only.

Jimmy put on a ring on it, so to speak, about two months ago, Us Weekly reported Tuesday. And the pair seems to be as happy as ever. The future spouses celebrated with a killer party at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on Jan. 19.


I took a trip to Vegas and arrived on January 19th.
I wasn't invited to Pia's party though.
02-17-2016, 12:09 AM,
RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
Pia not so stiff anymore... now channeling her inner JLo.



She's apparently been working with a choreographer and the dancers spent 3 months preparing for that performance.
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RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
Quote:'American Idol' Star Pia Toscano Is Married: 'I Couldn't Be Happier!'

Pia Toscano is officially off the market!

The 28-year-old singer, who was a contestant on season 10 of American Idol, married dancer Jimmy R.O. Smith at the Metropolitan Building in Long Island City, New York, on Saturday, ET exclusively confirms.

The blushing bride wore a stunning silk gown -- which featured a plunging neckline and beaded embroidery on the shoulders -- custom-designed by her close pal and Project Runway alum, Michael Costello. Stylists Eduardo Ponce and Oscar Pallares Gomez brushed her brunette tresses into a beautiful updo topped with a beaded white headpiece, while makeup artist Lyndsay Zavitz gave Toscano's elegant look the perfect final touches.

[Image: 1280_pia_toscano_wedding_pic_ETexclusive_EMBED_02.jpg]

"I've dreamed of this magical day since I was 4-years-old, and I hoped to find my King," Toscano gushed to ET just moments before saying "I do."

"Today, all of my childhood dreams come true," she continued. "I am marrying the absolute love of my life in front of my closest family and friends. I couldn't be happier!"

The New York City native and her husband kicked off their reception by waltzing around to John Legend's "All Of Me" as their first dance.

"Being a singer, lyrics are super important to me, and the lyrics of that song describe us and our relationship perfectly," she dished.

Toscano said she had always dreamed of planning her wedding day -- "I think every little girl does!" -- but she "dreamed about it more often" the moment she laid eyes on Smith.

"Jimmy and I both had the same vision for our wedding, which made planning a lot easier," she explained. "Luckily, we had an amazing wedding planner [Phyllis Inserillo] and visual director who both know Jimmy and I personally. They handled a lot for us while we were in Los Angeles, but Jimmy and I were still extremely involved."

"Making sure that all of our family and friends felt included was our No. 1 priority," she continued. "And making sure I fit in my wedding dress was pretty important as well."

That's why when it came to choosing a maid of honor, she couldn't pick just one!

"I have 3 Matrons of Honor -- my sister, Kim, my best friend, Cassie, and my godmother, Rose," Toscano told ET. "They have been my greatest mentors in my life and I couldn't imagine this day without these amazing women by my side."

"Our Best Man is Jimmy's cousin David," she added. "David is also an incredible mentor to Jimmy and I. He is like the brother we never had. We are very lucky to have these special people stand beside us."

Toscano also confirmed that no alumni from American Idol were in attendance. "As we decided to have the wedding in New York, it was a bit out of the way for everyone," she explained.

Still, that didn't stop the guests from having a joyous time.

Congrats to the happy couple!

01-09-2017, 03:18 PM,
RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
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RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
So now...

Quote:Pia Toscano
February 7

Get an intimate glimpse inside of American Idol Alum, Pia Toscano's, wedding night featuring a cover by James Arthur hit song "Say You Won't Let go". Send your best wishes to Pia by Loving and Sharing this video!! If we reach 1 Million shares there will be a very special surprise in store for you guys!!! Like, Share, and Follow for updates! #PiaToscano

Billboard had the "exclusive" video first.


Quote:Jimmy R O Smith
February 8

I'm normally pretty private w my "personal life" but I married someone that's thankfully opposite in MANY ways & this is one. #whenARTimitatesLIFE With that being said, here's a look into our "intimate" #winterwedding #hesmithedher 1.7.17

Beautiful video, but I find it a bit weird that Pia is using her wedding to promote herself.
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RE: Pia Toscano -- Post-Interscope
Jimmy & Pia's low-key cocktail reception

Quote:JauJose.com captured an incredible night of surprises for & from Jimmy & Pia Nov. 30 in Los Angeles, Ca.

Pre-wedding cocktail reception "A touch of RED for LOVE" at The District by Hannah An
Pia Toscano Smith in MassachiTheLabel.com styled by: Roxy Flores
Jimmy R O Smith in GroomOfficial.com by Octavius Terry
Event coordinator: Joey Sapone & JROS
Videographer: Jose Omar Hernandez JauJose.com
Opening: "Let's Get it" & "Black Beatles" -- Luther A. Brown
Master & Mistress of ceremonies: Brandon Phillips & Shae Wilbur
Band: Bryant Siono band
DJ: Dj LyRiX Rocks
Sound: Joe Mendez
New Edition: Chase Benz Codie Wiggins John Silver Clifford Mcghee & JROS
Cake: Susina Bakery
Cake (groom): Ailish Hill "Pasty Girl Pastries"
Vocalist: Pia Toscano "Love On Top"
Ryan Edgar "Thinking Out Loud"
L. Young "Ribbon in the Sky"
LaVance Colley "Uptown Funk"

LaVance Colley "Uptown Funk" = Postmodern Jukebox connection

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