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^^^Hmmm ... I hope that cartoon is just something Keith came across that he views in an ironic way, as opposed to a reflection of his current life.
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Since I dusted off my iTunes acct, 4 @HaleyReinhart "Habits", I also bought @KEiTHPHELPS "No Shortcuts" B)

This song caught my attention, I like it's 'groove/vibe' Cool ( reference too dated? Tongue )

Posted in another thread, but also belongs here Cool

Keith's piano keystrokes of Haley's songs (Undone is remarkable)

02-13-2015, 02:02 PM,
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Quote:KEiTH PHELPS @KEiTHPHELPS · 3h 3 hours ago
The long-awaited debut album from Independent artist, KEiTH PHELPS is now available on Souncloud &…

Keith's new album debuts today, you can listen to it here:
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[Image: 12331543_143608542672427_1374979021_n.jpg]

I had the privilege of being asked by The Recording Academy, also known as the @thegrammys, to record a holiday song for their annual @grammyfdn donation campaign. This song has been sent to all of their voting members as we approach the 58th GRAMMY Awards on February 15th, 2016. I had the pleasure of working with GRAMMY camp alumni @tyneangela, @brooklynelizuhbeth, and mix guru @thereal_johnlarosa.
Aside from aiding their mission to create excellent, life-changing, experiences for high school students, I wanted to make a record that would make your holiday playlist for years to come! Check out the link in my bio and keep your eyes and ears open in 2016

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@KEiTHPHELPS new project "Classic Holiday" take a listen Smile

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