Oklahoma and tornado season
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Oklahoma and tornado season
I see that Oklahoma (this time Oklahoma City) is, once again, being torn asunder by tornadoes. I hope that any Haliens or relatives of Haliens in the area are safe. Actually, I hope all are safe, although it's probably not a rational hope.

As one who lives in an area with constant earthquake potential, and well, within the shadow of a beautiful mountain that could "awake" and leave Tusk, Cherelann, and me "goners" (but that doesn't seem hugely likely in the next few years) but more likely to have to deal with the encroaching and rising high water as the glaciers continue to melt, the natural disasters that scare me the most are tornadoes and hurricanes.

Again, I hope all are safe!
05-31-2013, 10:13 PM,
RE: Oklahoma and tornado season
I almost had the chance to babysit/foster a yorkie puppy who got hurt from the tornado and broke his leg! I would've had him for 2 weeks while the new owners were moving but someone else took him first Sad My doggys would've loved having a new little puppy to play with <3

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